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Monday, 16 May 2011

Richard Edmonds' leadership challenge gathers momentum

An inspiring and enjoyable gathering of nationalists took place yesterday (15 May) at an up-market venue in the East Midlands.

Approximately eighty organizers and activists of the British National Party, from all parts of Britain, made the Conference genuinely representative of the mood of the party's grass roots.

Johnny Leech, the former Greenwich organizer, chaired the Conference, while speeches were made by BNP Sleazebuster Michael Barnbrook, Martin Baird, Geoff Dickens, Peter Strudwick, Chris Roberts and Dr Andrew Emerson, prior to the keynote address by the challenger, Richard Edmonds.

This was followed by a Question and Answer session in which members were able to put questions to Richard and to hear his replies.

Delegates also enjoyed both a buffet lunch and an audio-visual presentation which had been very professionally produced by Tony Avery, Steve Scott and former Bromley organizer, Rowena Savage.

The Conference was filmed by Tony and his experienced team and video clips will be published on the web shortly.

The mood throughout was serious, in view of the grave state in which the party finds itself, but at the same time optimistic, bearing in mind the strength of the party's greatest asset, its indefatigable and indomitable grass roots and our determination to save the party we love.

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