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Friday, 6 May 2011

Open letter to the members of the BNP

Richard Edmonds: a safe pair of hands

Dear Colleague

There will be a leadership election this year, because there needs to be one.  Our party is facing ruination.  There are a number of pending court cases against the party, any one of which could easily result in the party being closed down. The current "leadership" has failed.  If the party's present course remains uncorrected the party is unlikely to last another year.

In this dire situation emergency action is required: it is now a case of saving the party; everything else is secondary. Our party, which just two years ago had a good wind in its sails and was moving forward confidently, with every prospect of further success before it, is now racked with dissension and facing legal and financial ruin.

In these circumstances, I, Richard Edmonds, a founding member of the British National Party, challenge for the Chairmanship of our party.  This will be a team effort. Only a team of competent, experienced, trustworthy men and women, members of our party of proven ability, can save this situation. I am confident that, when you meet the members of my team, you will recognize them for the exceptionally able men and women they need to be, in order to be capable of averting the tragedy looming before the BNP.  I will say of myself that I see myself as fulfilling the role of a caretaker-chairman, holding office for an interim period until we overcome the crisis.

This all being so, we shall be holding a meeting of our supporters at a convenient location in the East Midlands, on Sunday, 15 May. You are cordially invited to attend.  For this election campaign we need to obtain the nomination signatures of hundreds of members with two or more years' continuous membership.  We also need to take our message to meetings up and down the country. Your help is much needed and your help will be much appreciated.

So that we may cater for all of those intending to come, please book a place, or places, at the Conference by calling our hot-line: 077 84 658 910.

Please book early. You will be informed of the RV details in good time.

A generous buffet lunch will be provided, at a charge of only five pounds per person, payable on the day.

I hope I can count on your help and participation.

Yours Sincerely

Richard Edmonds

Leadership Challenge 2011
PO Box 279

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