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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Griffin throws a tantrum on camera

BNP Sleazebuster Michael Barnbrook has, earlier this evening, published the following account of an untoward incident which occurred during last weekend's visit to the European 'parliament' by a party of approximately sixty BNP members, at the invitation of Andrew Brons MEP.

If Mr Barnbrook's testimony (and let us remember that Michael is a retired police inspector) is to be believed, Mr Griffin behaved in an aggressive and abusive manner towards Mr Brons' guests, all of whom were, presumably, members of the British National Party.

Does this not serve amply to confirm, as if further demonstration were not already superfluous for most BNP members, the utter contempt in which Mr Griffin holds the grass roots of our party?

Mr Griffin must apologize in writing to each and every one of the party members present, without delay.

Furthermore, if he is incapable of controlling himself in public he should seriously consider standing down from his nominal position at the head of the party, without waiting to receive his marching orders from the members in a ballot for the leadership.

That is what any serious politician would do, who had the best interests of his party at heart. But then, one has to ask oneself whether Mr Griffin is, in reality, a serious politician, after all. Certainly, his immature and petulant behaviour, making a scene and trying, unconvincingly, to play the 'big man', would suggest that, for him, politics is all about vanity and selfishness, rather than the good of the party and the cause that party represents.

BNP members should carefully note Mr Griffin's erratic behaviour and his propensity for bringing the party into disrepute, when deciding whether or not to facilitate a leadership challenge by signing and returning Richard Edmonds' nomination form.

Unlike the spiteful bully Griffin and his thuggish henchmen, Richard is a true-born English gentleman, who values and knows how to nurture the party's grass roots, treating us all with courtesy and goodwill.

The Battle of Brussels

Little has been said about what happened in Brussels on Sunday, when Andrew Brons MEP, was giving a talk in the European Parliament Building and Mr Griffin gatecrashed the meeting in a most aggressive manner. This is because the whole episode was filmed and it was anticipated that the video would be released for everyone to see what had happened without anyone having to post threads on the incident. Unfortunately, it appears that Mr Brons has refused to allow the video to be released due to the embarrassment that it would cause the British National Party. It should also be remembered that not only do Mr Brons and Mr Griffin sit next to one another in the Parliament building, but they also share a house when they are both in Brussels. It would have made a difficult situation, even worse for the British National Party, had the world been able to see our Chairman verbally attacking a fellow MEP in front of a large group of members. What I can report however is that the conduct of our Chairman was deliberately confrontational and a disgrace to the party. Mr Griffin was fully aware that most, if not all of the individuals in the meeting room, were supporters of the leadership challenge. That is not to say that he didn't have the right, as Chairman, to address the meeting. What he did however, as soon as he entered the room, apparently uninvited, was to call Mr Brons a liar. That set the tone for what happened afterwards. He the[n] went on to call Richard Edmonds a liar and even told Richard to shut up and listen whilst he was talking. I asked him why he had given specific instructions to Steve Squire, London Regional Organiser, not to allow myself and John[n]y Leech, former Greenwich Organiser. into a recent Greenwich meeting. His answer was that we were both disruptive trouble-makers. When I then asked him why he had blocked me from being the London Mayoral Candidate, I having been the only person to originally apply for the position, he said that it was because I was a liar and a self-publicist and therefore totally unsuitable to stand as a candidate. He finally attacked Eddy Butler by accusing Eddy of putting on his blog a comment that he, Mr Griffin, had stolen £300,000 from the accounts and that Eddy had told nothing but lies about him on his blog. When Eddy asked him what the lies were, Mr Griffin was unable to answer. By this time most of the audience had left the room in disgust, to much shouting and booing. I finally asked Mr Griffin when the EGM was going to be held, as there was a rumour going around and about that it was being brought forward to 17th July 2011, in the hope that the constitution would be changed to allow the Chairman to remain in situ for four years, thereby putting an end to Richard Edmonds' leadership challenge. He replied that no decision had been made when to hold the EGM and that any leadership challenge would be conducted fairly. I then asked Mr Griffin what would happen if the constitution was changed in order to allow the Chairman to stay in situ for four years, bearing in mind he had promised everybody he would be standing down in two years time. He stated that he would definitely be running for the leadership. So there you have it folks. Mr Griffin has no intention of standing down as leader. He obviously realises that he has little chance of being re-elected as an MEP in the next elections, so has decided to bring the party to its knees by trying to hang on as leader. In conclusion I would say that the debacle that took place in Brussels was shameful and that Mr Griffin's behaviour led me to believe that the pressure is finally getting to him and he is heading for a breakdown. I hope not, but it was a truly sad day for everyone who witnessed the episode, which makes me applaud Mr Brons for the decision he made not to release the video when he could, had he been of a vicious nature, destroy a broken man.


Michael Barnbrook

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  1. this video which was supposed to have been taken must be shown publicly ....the party cannot be embarrassed any more than it has been already ....mr griffin has resorted to underhand tactics by lying , expulsions , aggression and abuse ..Mr griffin will not go quietly and will try everything to remain so mr griffin must be discredited if he is to be eventually removed....by not releasing the video mr griffin is protected with no need and all the people have is a statement to go on...mr brons needs to make it clear whether he wants a leadership change or not because if he does then he should release it....problems can be repaired but only when in a position of authority within the party