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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Dare to believe and we shall win

Richard Edmonds: a safe pair of hands

Richard Edmonds on the BNP election results

7 May, 2011

Last Thursday’s Election Results: Another Wake Up Call for the Membership

WITH far fewer seats contested the BNP's percentage vote (including Scottish and Welsh Assembly elections) has halved. We have lost all but two of the 268 elections we contested.

The electorate has issued a clear warning: smarten up your act or else ...

I shall not rub salt in the wounds, however, last Thursday's election results vindicate everything that I, and others, have been saying for the last year. The British National Party is on the verge of complete ruination. The Party's management has failed, and will continue to fail; and no amount of blather and spin and delusional tweeting can hide that fact. Unless remedial action is taken now, this Party of ours will simply fade away; simply sink beneath the waves; repudiated by the electorate and bust.

I strongly urge all members to stay together and stay loyal to the Party and their comrades and get fully behind my campaign to secure enough nomination signatures to initiate a leadership election as directed by our Constitution. Renew your memberships as they fall due; maintain the continuity of your membership (you have up to three months after your subscription is due in which to renew without your membership lapsing). I ask that you take up your responsibilities and do what is necessary to vote out the current Chairman. Given the seriousness of our situation we need to maintain a positive attitude: our cause is not lost; it is only lost if we give up. And you know what, that is precisely what the current Chairman, and others, would like us to do - give up and drift away feeling betrayed and resentful towards former colleagues, vowing never to have anything more to do with "nationalism". Why would we do what our opposition wants us to do? Why would we do that? No, we press on, together in solidarity, and we secure as many nomination signatures as possible.

My nomination form may be downloaded by clicking here. Please help by circulating it as widely as possible amongst your party friends and colleagues.

Thank you

Richard Edmonds
Candidate for National Chairman of the BNP

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