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Monday, 16 May 2011

Sunday's Conference in detail

Grateful acknowledgements to the British Resistance web site for this excellent article.

BNP Leadership Challenge Conference – 15 May 2011

Written by News Reporter

Monday, 16 May 2011 15:23

A highly successful meeting was held in the East Midlands yesterday in support of Richard Edmonds' 2011 leadership challenge. Over 70 delegates from around the UK attended the conference which included video presentations, Regional Speakers, an address from the challenger and a lively question and answer session which lasted for more than 45 minutes.

Popular activist and former Greenwich Organiser Johnny Leech ably chaired the conference. The meeting kicked off with an audio-visual presentation fantastically well put together by Tony Avery.

Delegates then heard speeches from Londoner and BNP Sleazebuster Michael Barnbrook. Michael spoke about how the leadership could have used the MPs' expenses scandal to better effect at last year’s General Election.

North East businessman Martin Baird followed Michael. Martin gave an excellent speech on the need for fiscal probity of the party and that it was incumbent on the party management to keep party members informed of the overall financial health of the party. Martin concluded that the party had failed on these important parameters and that as a consequence members had lost trust in the current leadership.

The next speaker was Peter Strudwick who gave a fine speech on the legal obligations of the party management in relation to members of an unincorporated association. Peter, who has a legal background, told the conference that in his opinion the party leadership had failed members in their stewardship of the party from a financial, management and legal perspective and called on Mr Griffin to resign forthwith.

East Midlands Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens then kindly answered questions on some of the financial matters besetting the party and special thanks to Geoff for doing that.

Next up was campaign manager Chris Roberts. Chris thanked all the delegates for attending and giving up their Sunday for a cause we are all very passionate about. Chris asked delegates to arrange Nationalist meetings in their areas and invite Richard to address them and most importantly put questions to Richard in order to hear for themselves whether Richard’s credentials stand up to being leader of the BNP.

A buffet was served where all delegates got together to catch up with old comrades and discuss Nationalism in general and the state of the party in particular.

Dr Andrew Emerson addressed the meeting for a few minutes, urging all two year members to support Richard Edmonds' nomination and highlighted Richard’s impeccable nationalist credentials; a man of humility, integrity and honesty, all the things the current chairman does not possess, commented Andrew.

A further video presentation followed in which Richard Edmonds outlined his plans for a BNP under his leadership. After which and to rapturous applause Richard Edmonds took the floor. Richard explained that the duty of the leader is to keep the party solvent (i.e. trading within its means), keep it legal (keep it out of the courts) and most importantly keep it united.
Richard Edmonds: a safe pair of  hands

Richard said that the debts incurred by Mr Griffin were incredibly irresponsible as were the numerous court cases he had embroiled the party in. Richard was most scathing about the continued blood-letting, expulsions and suspensions of many good men and women who had given so much to the party and were tossed aside without a 'by your leave'. Richard reiterated what any sane individual can work out for themselves: that blood-letting on this scale will and has rendered the party impotent.

Richard advised those present that under his leadership a cabinet of people well versed in subjects such as Transport, Housing, Law and Order and the EU, etc, would be put together and be official spokesmen and women on behalf of party policy and that the ridiculous nonsense of the party leader appearing on all party literature would cease.

A lengthy and lively question and answer session followed and delegates left the meeting with a renewed sense of optimism that a credible and competent man of immense courage and fortitude would be challenging for leader in 2011 and that if successful our party’s fortunes would once again be in the ascendancy.

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