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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Neither a borrower nor a lender be

The following, very interesting, article was published yesterday on the Nationalism Today web site of the cabal of disgruntled former Griffin stooges who try to magnify their own importance by describing themselves variously as "businessmen", "industry experts", "marketing gurus", and the like.

It would seem that when "businessmen" fall out the members come into some very interesting information.

The anonymously published article now follows.

BNP Debts: The True Situation

Posted on May 2, 2011 by Nationalism Today

One hallmark of a desperate and failing regime is that it resorts to total, outright lies to sustain its collapsing credibility. This, unfortunately, is exactly what Nick Griffin and his coterie of lieutenants are doing.

What is truly shocking, however, is that these lies are being fed to the membership of the British National Party, and not the outside world. Misleading BNP members regarding the true state of their own party’s finances is unforgivable.

We all remember when the Enron scandal engulfed corporate America and made big news. Enron had hidden the true scale of its indebtedness and insolvency from its shareholders behind a mirage of lies and false accounting – this is exactly what BNP leader Nick Griffin is doing.

Quite recently, BNP media spokesman Simon Darby (yes, the same one who was sacked last year for his shocking performance as press officer), said the party “is not going bust”.

Likewise, Nick Griffin has recently told a BNP official that the party has debts of only £100,000.

The BNP website claimed in December that the party’s debts stood at £200,000. More recently, the BNP website also claimed: “Under Clive Jefferson’s strict and careful treasury regime, we have cut our total debt by about half in the last six months.”

This last quote in particular is a bald faced LIE. Clive Jefferson is not the person who controls the BNP’s bank accounts and makes payments – this duty is fulfilled by Nick Griffin’s daughter Jennifer. She, and not Clive, is the REAL party treasurer. Clive is only a name on the Electoral Commission website.

Clive Jefferson likes to claim that the BNP debt mountain is only £200,000. This is a LIE. The true figure is around £600,000 and no attempt is being made to pay the debts off.

The BNP’s debt mountain has not been dented since the departure of party fundraising consultant Jim Dowson, who was making slow inroads into the debt. Since his resignation last November, however, no serious effort has been made to pay off the BNP’s debts. This is a FACT – the BNP, as is widely known, is in “survival mode”.

Nick Griffin, as is also widely known, is simply planning to go bankrupt when the debts catch up with him legally, as they shortly will in Britain’s notoriously slow legal system.

Rather than the BNP’s debt mountain shrinking, it has grown, but HQ is lying to the members. Can HQ show ANY evidence that ANY debts have been paid off?

Another fraudulent claim is that the BNP has scaled back on the number of candidates fielded this year because of its debts and in a move to be sensible and operate “within our means”. This is another LIE.

It costs virtually NOTHING to stand in the district council elections in England – in any case all costs would be shouldered by the local branches contesting the elections, not by HQ.

This leaves Scotland and Wales: in both these regions, HQ is having to force the same bunch of people onto both lists. Jennifer Griffin and her husband are standing in both Wales and Scotland, as are many, many other candidates.

The lack of candidates has nothing to do with “austerity measures” and financial prudence – the REAL reason is a total lack of people willing to stand.

Likewise, as can be observed by the fundraising thermometer on the BNP website, the party has raised £32,000 in 3 months of an election campaign. This translates that BNP fundraising has totally collapsed.

Contrast this to last year when we raised around £300,000 for the same 3 month period leading up to polling day.

As well as the present indebtedness of the party, the collapse of fundraising income, the lies and spin, the dodgy accounts for 2009, the party is also at present locked into several expensive court cases that will shortly bankrupt Nick Griffin and probably Simon Darby.

What is also most shocking is that the two treasurers who are responsible for plunging the BNP into debt are still on the BNP payroll – Nick Griffin refuses to get rid of them.

The FACTS are clear as day to all but the most gullible:

■The BNP is around £500-700,000 in debt;

■The BNP’s debt mountain is growing, not shrinking;

■BNP HQ is not paying off any debts;

■BNP HQ is lying about the true state of party finances;

■BNP income from fundraising has all but totally collapsed;

■BNP HQ is disseminating total lies to mislead its own members.

A group of concerned patriots have compiled a spreadsheet to demonstrate the TRUE level of the BNP’s immense debts. If you doubt the veracity of any of the entries in this spreadsheet, simply ring these creditors up to confirm.

BNP Debts

Assorted small debts and other, non-disclosed legal fees/bills will push this total to over £700,000. Ranked below largest to smallest.                                                      

The known major creditors of the British National Party

A Grand Total of  £602,800 itemized. 

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