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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Griffin is a road-block to nationalist victory

The following comments were posted to the old BNP Reform web site (now inactive) last year in response to a video of Dr Andrew Emerson's speech at the Rotherham Conference of BNP Reform.

Griffin IS the problem.

If Nationalists don't wake up and realise the greater Nationlist cause is deeply damaged by him, then they a blind and ignorant to the truth.

The BNP will wither away now, just as Britain's greatest need for a Nationalist political party is urgently needed.

People of great ability, people who could take the BNP into power, have been ruthlessly removed, why?

The possibility that Griffin is a paid agent of the state, just as Dr Emerson states. Or is he out to grab as much money as possible, milk the system and gravy train?

He needs to move aside and prove us all wrong, if he doesnt then his colours will be shown.

We need untarnished leadership, we need to get past the "demonisation" hurdle, and then the BNP would fly in the polls and take seats of power. Reply

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eastmidlandsnf 43p · 37 weeks ago

Dr Emerson is right. But what surprises me is not so much the actions of Griffin but the fact that it has taken over 10 years for most of you to come to the realization that every single word that has been uttered concerning Griffin by nationalists the length and breadth of the country, particularly those within the National Front, whom the BNP loves to slander, have proven to be absolutely in errantly correct.

I don''t know how some of you suffer the humiliation.. Reply

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+2 Vote up Vote down rarecockney 78p · 37 weeks ago

Doctor Emerson, Talks sense. Reply

0 replies · active 37 weeks ago +2 Vote up Vote down nelly · 37 weeks ago

Griffen also destroyed Bradford and Yorkshire. It is all done in isolation so the rest of the WORLD never finds out. Reply

0 replies · active less than 1 minute ago +6 Vote up Vote down David hamilton · 38 weeks ago

Gary, could you give more details of what he did to stifle growth in burnley? I believe he did similar things to other succesful areas and this needs to be given publiity. Reply

2 replies · active less than 1 minute ago +1 Vote up Vote down Nkosi · 37 weeks ago

In a nutshell. Steven Smith was sacked because in media interviews he failed to give Griffin any credit for the amazing success achieved by Burnley BNP. Since Griffin had not contributed so much as a phone call to the campaign, it is difficult to imagine what credit Steve could have given anyway, but that is why he was sacked.

Tony Lecomber drove Griffin down and witnessed the conversation.

There can be no doubt whatsoever that we would have taken Burnley council were it not for Griffins infantile pique, but more than that, we lost a really great organiser. State?. you can bet your house on it!. Reply +1 Vote up Vote down Gary Topping · 37 weeks ago

Hi David, It would take to long in time and space to explain all; also there would be third party names of friends mentioned which untill I had chance tospeak to them aforehand I will respect what I consider their right to privacy. I have however just spoke to Steven Smith the then leader of Burnley BNP. He asked me to mention to you that most of what you want to know is in print in the book he wrote titled HOW IT WAS DONE. He also said that if you email him at stonewallsmith@live.co.uk he will arrange to send you a Free copy although a small donation to cover postage would be appreciated.

Regards Gary Reply -1 Vote up Vote down Tamworth · 38 weeks ago

Judas Reply

0 replies · active less than 1 minute ago +8 Vote up Vote down Gary Topping · 38 weeks ago

Having spent more than a decade in the shadows of local nationalism albeit self imposed starting from the day Nick Griffin became leader, I could not agree with doctor Emerson more. My view as always been that Nick Griffin as only ever been interested in wielding the sword of self aspiration and as been prepared to use it at all costs in the preservation of his position as leader and all the potential wealth and trappings which accompany such. An example of a case none more self damning than his actions in Burnley after the local election victories by curtailing the support and backup of the party and hindering the potential future success of Burnley BNP whose next step would have been surely to take control of the council and then the holy grail a nationalist MP. Nick Griffin could not allow this because he knew Burnley where staunch Tyndallites potential threat to himself and at the cost of nationalism at to be neutralised. Why oh why as it took so long to tell Nick Griffin the time as come to fall on his sword Reply

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+1 Vote up Vote down Albion 71p · 37 weeks ago

Great comments Gary, well said!

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