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Monday, 6 June 2011

Griffin showing why he's got to go

Griffin: your BNP membership card entitles you to attend only one meeting and that's an EGM.

So what it boils down to is: disagree with Griffin and he'll see to it that you're kept out of any BNP meeting - except an EGM, supposedly. Griffin's abuse of the office of national chairman in order to debar members who criticize him from party meetings is factious in the extreme, as well as being unlawful, of course. Yet Griffin has the effrontery to accuse his critics of factiousness. Andrew Brons rightly draws attention to Griffin's hypocrisy in this regard.

Griffin shows his utter contempt for internal party democracy by insolently telling his challenger for the leadership of the BNP, Richard Edmonds, to "...shut up..." and insinuates that this founder member and long-serving former deputy chairman of the British National Party is a student of the Frankfurt School. Which school did Griffin attend? I believe it may have been Cheltenham Ladies' College, or something similar.

Griffin demonstrates the inferior quality of his debating skills, when he tells Andrew Brons that he should look at Eddy Butler's blog because it allegedly contains lies about Griffin, yet barely a minute later says to Eddy "I don't look at your blog".

My question to Mr Griffin is: if you don't look at Eddy's blog then how do you know that it contains lies about you? If, on the other hand, you do look at it, then why do you say that you don't? "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!"

Observe, if you will, how Griffin is unable to name a single lie that Eddy Butler had told about him when challenged to do so by Eddy towards the end of the meeting. Griffin is quick to accuse others of lying, or of being "...a publicity hound..." as he called Michael Barnbrook. Perhaps Griffin should take a good long look at himself in the mirror.

It is outrageous that Griffin should flout the BNP's constitution, in order to cheat the party's members out of their right to a free and fair leadership challenge. It is intolerable that Griffin should then victimize his leadership challenger and that challenger's supporters, as he did last year. It is scandalous that Griffin should insinuate that those party members who seek to exercise their democratic rights under the party's constitution are seeking to wreck or to destabilize the party.

It is unacceptable for Griffin to seek to gerrymander the party constitution in his own favour at any time, but it is particularly shameful in the middle of a leadership challenge, as at present.

Griffin's proposal for a four or five year term of office for the national chairman shows that he is a frightened man. Griffin is running scared of the members and his behaviour is that of a man with something, perhaps many things, to hide. Not for the first time Griffin has got himself and a party he heads (one can hardly say "leads") into a right old pickle.

As of today, Thursday, there has been no announcement of an "EGM" on the BNP web site. Too frightened to do one thing, too frightened to do another: such is the unenviable fate of the corrupt tyrant.

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