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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Vote "No" to the Four Year Rule!



A short statement by Andrew Brons' Campaign Manager, Chris Roberts

Following a productive meeting between Andrew Brons and his campaign team yesterday evening, it was decided that we should encourage all members eligible to attend and vote at the forthcoming General Members' Meeting (GMM) to make every efffort to travel to Liverpool on the 26th and vote down the 4/5 year term being proposed for the post of Party Chairman.

Andrew and his team felt this is an important point of principle: it is completely unacceptable for the Chairman, whoever that may be, to hold the office unchallenged for 4/5 years. Furthermore, in the light of this principled approach the enticement of an easier nomination process was deemed inconsequential.

Andrew also expressed his consistent view that it is unacceptable to ignore the democratic will of last December's Party Conference by failing to put Arthur Kemp's draft constitution before the members at this GMM, while instead substituting a novel set of proposals which reflect nothing previously discussed.

Andrew and his team very much hope you will take the time and effort to attend this GMM and take a principled stand together with us. To ensure admittance to the meeting please remember to bring photo ID (driving licence with picture/passport) your GMM invite pack and your membership card.

We look forward to seeing you on the 26th.

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