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Friday, 17 June 2011

Pure comedy

The chairman of this meeting deserves to be congratulated for his impartial chairmanship and for refusing to be cowed by the overbearing manner of Messrs Jefferson and Whitby. In common with so many other grass roots BNP officers and activists, who have rightly chosen to put their loyalty to our party before a misguided attachment to a single individual, Tony has been forced to pay a price for doing the right thing: he has been sacked from his position as Wigan organizer by the tyrant's tool, Jefferson.

Pooh-Bah Jefferson seems to think that only a member of the British National Party has the right to ask him a question. And who is a member of the party? Well, if Jefferson thinks he can answer your question then according to him you're a member of the party. If he thinks he can't answer your question then you're not. "I decide who is a BNP member," he might have said.

Poor old Jefferson is so dumb he thinks that "being inept" means visiting a Cumbrian village called Ept.

Instead of doing stand up comedy for the grass roots of our party shouldn't he be burning the midnight oil with a view to getting the BNP's 2010 accounts submitted to the Electoral Commission on time?

The sands of time are running out. Will there be more fines for the BNP and more public humiliation this year, as there was last year and the year before that and the year before that and the...

The look of the shower running the show doesn't exactly fill one with confidence, does it?

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  1. From Eddy Butler's blog


    Staying in the North West, there was a meeting tonight in Wigan. It was announced that Andrew Brons might, just might, be standing in this year’s leadership contest and the 45 strong audience broke out with prolonged and highly enthusiastic cheering.

    This did not go down very well with Clive Jefferson, Adam and Mark Walker and the North West regional Organiser Mike Whitby who were present with a small entourage.

    After soaking up a heavy dose of abuse Clive ordered his crew to leave, which they did with their tales dangling between their legs.

    The meeting was ably chaired by the new branch organiser Tony. The former organiser Charles Mathers opened proceedings by giving half hour speech detailing the problems that the BNP is experiencing.

    Mike Whitby who was once regarded as a conciliatory character amply demonstrated what happens to some individuals who serve Mad King Nick. The rare honour of it all goes to their head. Mike Whitby followed his leader’s example and made a total fool of himself, insulting Andrew Brons (who was not there) and members of the audience. Not to be outdone Clive joined in. As is customary, Adam and Mark Walker said nothing.

    As Clive left he informed Tony that he is no longer Organiser. This is rather strange behaviour on Clive’s part as he is no longer the North West Regional Organiser (Mike Whitby is) nor is he National Organiser (Adam Walker is).

    Perhaps Clive felt the need to make a power play as he is an increasingly marginalised figure in the Court of Mad King Nick.

    Well done to all concerned in Wigan.

    Eddy Butler