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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Vote down the Four Year Rule!

Dear Fellow BNP Member

A General Members' Meeting has been called for Sunday, 26th June next, to vote on changing our party constitution: the motion that the members will be asked to vote on, is that the Chairman of the Party should have a FOUR YEAR or even a FIVE YEAR RULE.

This motion should be VOTED DOWN. And for the very same reasons that it was rightly voted down when it was proposed at the Members' Meeting in 2008: at some possibly future Leadership election some real dud, or worse, could be voted in as Party chairman, whom the party would then be stuck with for years and years. A nightmarish prospect. It is imperative that the members retain the right to hold the serving Chairman, whoever he is, to account for the decisions and actions of his leadership team. And ONLY the possibility of an ANNUAL challenge to the incumbent, serving chairman, can give the party members the assurance that a dud or failing party leader can be removed from office.

So, it is of ABSOLUTE importance that the motions to allow the party chairman to remain in office for YEARS be voted down.

Every member, invited to the General Members' Meeting, to be held on Sunday, 26th June, should ATTEND.

The RV is at: McDonald's car park, 31/33 Church Street, St Helens WA10 1AX.

Time: between 9 am and 10 am.

Bring your current membership card and a form of photo ID (passport preferred) plus your written, personal invitation from Party HQ.

See you all at the Members' Meeting, Sunday, 26th June 2011.

Be early and Be there.

Richard Edmonds
BNP member

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