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Sunday, 30 January 2011

BNP local girl to fight Barnsley by-election

British National Party Appoints Candidate for Barnsley By-election NOW WITH VIDEO

Congratulations to Enis Dalton on her selection as the candidate of the British National Party for the forthcoming Barnsley Central parliamentary by-election.

To give credit where it is due, as I always do, this seems like an unusually intelligent move on Mr Griffin's part.

An attractive female candidate, who is local to the constituency, may help to optimize the BNP vote at the by-election.

Perhaps Enis might even be able to soothe some of the understandable resentment caused by Griffin's recent disgraceful sacking of Chris Beverley as Yorkshire regional organizer.

While either Chris, or Nick Cass, would have been my first choice to have been the party's candidate, as being both more politically experienced and articulate than Enis, every BNP member should now rally round and give Enis the support she deserves.


  1. Nick and Chris are articulate.

    I also think Enis is articulate but judge for yourself:-


    As to experience, don't people get that by be given the chance to do things?

    Pat Harrington

  2. I did not say that Enis is not articulate but that Chris Beverley and Nick Cass are MORE articulate, as they are.

    They are also more politically experienced than Enis, whose relative lack of political experience does show, I'm sorry to say.

    Yes, one acquires experience through being given the chance to do things, but one should not try to run before one can walk.

    Having said that, of course I wish Enis the best of luck.

  3. While ever Egotistic Griffin Controls ? Sorry Destroys the BNP like he has done for the last few years now.Using people and patriots like a paper bag,throw them away when your done with it. But Most of all he gets rid of anyone fast if they are liked better or are any threat to the Fool Griffin.No point in standing in Barnsley a STUFFED PIG would get elected for the New Labour Scum.They have just jailed one Greedy Pig Labour Scum MP for Barnsley.Maybe the state of jobs and work for Barnsley is down to the Sheep in Barnsley that will go vote Labour again.Plus there is too many So Called patriot Parties standing (BNP)(UKIP)(English Dem)= WAIST OF TIME.Until there is one United English Patriot party the Country will go the same way.Plus for many years Barnsley folk have always boasted and scoffed to us up in West Yorkshire/Stan about having no Pakistan and Islamic Muslims living there.Sorry but they are getting in like everywhere else.Watch the Taxi's get taken over.