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Monday, 31 January 2011

Dr Emerson sees off a Griffinite troll

The following is an exchange of posts on the BNP sub-section of the British Democracy Forum discussion board, between a Griffinite troll, posting under the user name Midlander, and Dr Andrew Emerson, posting as Simon de Montfort. It took place yesterday evening.

If the rumour, to the effect that Griffin's troll army of internet warriors has received training in the most effective spoiling techniques to use in order to disrupt critical discussion of the BNP leadership's multifarious failings, is true, then I suggest that Midlander should seek a refund of the course fee.

Good luck prizing it out of Griffin's clammy paw, Midlander.

The exchange of views now follows.

Midlander: So a man who aspires to be leader of the BNP and shags black prostitutes is not low grade and depraved? Or is that why you are after the job yourself?

Now frankly I don't give a toss about your suspension or anyone else's because you set your stall out by attacking the democratically elected leader of the party. I don't understand why you pine to be members of a party you hate with a leader you hate and as far as I am concerned you are already ex-members. Why should we waste our time setting up a hearing for the likes of you?

[Emphasis mine, SdM].

Simon de Montfort: You know very well that the smear about Eddy allegedly visiting a brothel in Brussels was just that, a smear. No evidence for it has ever been forthcoming. It is clear that this vile calumny had the tacit approval of the corrupt failure Griffin, however, because Griffin never condemned the slander, despite having been morally obliged to do so.

What you misleadingly refer to as attacking the leader, most thinking human beings understand to be exercising a constitutional right, democratically to challenge for the leadership. According to its constitution, which Griffin flouts, the BNP is a democratic party, not a fascist, or national socialist one.

For the record: I am not "...after the job..." myself. I supported Eddy Butler's challenge last year, I did not challenge for the job myself. I, like many others, however, can see that the party's current leader is a dead loss, and a thoroughly nasty piece of work, who surrounds himself with, and promotes, perverts and trash of every description. A man is known by the company he keeps.

I don't care that you don't care about the suspensions. I doubt whether you are even a member of the party.

I remain a member of the BNP, despite a pathetically flawed attempt to expel me. I treat such incompetent posturing by the party's corrupt leadership with utter contempt, and as null and void for corruption.

I remain a member of the party because I have a vision of what the party could be, and achieve for our people, were it to be properly led. There are many people within the party who would do a much better job of leading it than Griffin, but I do not count myself as one of them. Nor am I, however, a parasitic hanger-on, a hired flunkey, who has no loyalty to the party, or his people, but only knows who pays his wages.

The members who put the party's interests before their own personal interest last year, and were unjustly suspended and victimized, by the unspeakable Griffin, for their pains, are the BNP's best and bravest, whose shoelaces you are not worthy to tie.

Now run along and report to your master, you begin to weary me.


  1. Didn't you stand in the Watford constituency in the GE 2010?

    I used to go to college there last year, and you would have thought BNP would have got a better result there since it is being colonised. Too many sheeple still not waking up though. Watford is basically now gone, i used to shop there when i was younger but within literally 7 or 8 years the demography has entirely changed.

  2. Yes, Olly, I was the candidate of the British National Party for the Watford constituency in the 2010 general election.

    The BNP came fourth out of the six parties vying for the seat, beating both UKIP and the Greens. The BNP hadn't fought the seat at the previous general election in 2005, whereas both UKIP and the Greens had. Notwithstanding this the BNP saw them both off.

    Watford was one of the comparatively few seats in the East of England region in which the BNP beat UKIP.

  3. I live in Radlett, only a few miles out from Watford. There is no BNP presence in my small town at all, however in the 2010 general election BNP stood and my town fell under that constituency getting about 1400 votes.

    Basically i'm the only activist in my town. I was the only one who distributed extra leaflets (self printed) for the 2010 election. I am thinking of standing in the locals in May, but BNP have never contested in my ward before and there is zero support here to help in a campaign - so i actually know if i'll bother.

    BNP is really failing to spread to the middle-class rural towns and villages, its a shame.

    Anyway, i think you did considerably well to beat UKIP - as you pointed out.

    As for these leadership debates, i keep entirely neutral for the reason i view BNP as a more local thing, BNP really now need to improve on getting more involved on a local level. As long as the ideology of BNP doesn't change - i don't mind who is in power. However i would agree with you and others that these expulsions are totally unacceptable. We need all the members and support we can get, also we need more educated people like yourself in the party, we don't want to loose our most intelligent members.

  4. If there is any truth in the rumour that EDL are about to become apolitical party, then it's goodbye to the BNP

  5. Anonymous said...

    If there is any truth in the rumour that EDL are about to become a political party, then it's goodbye to the BNP.

    10 February 2011 17:15

    I beg to differ.

    If the BNP were to have a charismatic leader, with better people skills, and without stigmatizing baggage, it could co-operate with the EDL to mutual benefit.

    There are such people to be found within the BNP.