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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Has it come to this?

The following is a recent post on Eddy Butler's blog, www.eddybutler.blogspot.com, by Ron Rickcord, who, for those who may not know, was, with other such luminaries as John Tyndall and Richard Edmonds, a founding member of the British National Party, way back in 1982.

While I profoundly regret Ron's decision not to renew his membership of the party he helped to create, and sincerely hope that he will reconsider, and renew, in spite of Griffin, I think I can understand his feeling the way he does.

Ronald Rickcord said...

Despite having been a member of the BNP since the beginning of 1982, it is with great sorrow and reluctance that I shall not be renewing my Party membership.

My reasons for taking this action are manifold, the main one being the antics of the present leader and his cronies who, during recent months, have caused us incalculable damage, brought embarrassment to all decent members and made the Party a laughingstock.

I did not vote for Mr Griffin when he ousted the late John Tyndall from the leadership, nor have I voted for him since. The fact is that I knew enough of Griffin’s history to fear that his becoming leader would be a disaster. So it has proved. The way he stabbed John in the back was shameful. Without John, there would never have been a BNP; with Griffin as leader, I fear it is doomed.

During the past year, the membership has had to endure the following avoidable calamities: Griffin’s lamentable performance on “Question Time”; his disrespectful behaviour towards the Queen regarding her Buckingham Palace invitation; the juvenile Marmite fiasco; the total lack of transparency of the state of Party funds; the frequent internecine squabbles, plots and expulsions among senior Party members; and the failure to pay our creditors or to submit Party accounts to the Electoral Commission on time.

In view of these and other matters, is it any wonder that good Party members are leaving in droves?

Of course, I shall remain a British Nationalist, albeit not a member of the Party.

I wish all my many Nationalist friends a Happy and Prosperous New Year,


30 December 2010 22:08

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