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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

How quickly they forget

The following article, by Martin Webster, is an important contribution towards exposing the disinformation that Griffin perennially feeds the credulous members of the British National Party, on matters of party organization and finance.

Which chapter of Mein Kampf (My Fight) was it that Griffin found interesting? Was it Chapter ten, of Volume one, in which Hitler asserts that most people are more ready to believe a big lie than a little one? The reason being, supposedly, that because they themselves often tell little lies in their everyday lives but would baulk at telling a big lie, they assume that others are like themselves.

Martin Webster is a controversial figure within a controversial movement. Even his harshest critics, however, can scarce forbear to acknowledge his self-evident quality as a nationalist polemic and orator.

I do not subscribe to his description of the Palestinians as "...an innocent and unthreatening people..." though I acknowledge that they, like the Jews, have a right to their own homeland, just as my people, the English, have a right to England.

Nor do I believe that Jewish opinion is undivided. Hollywood may be dominated by Jews, and the media heavily influenced by them but one should not blame all Jews for the antagonistic behaviour of a small number of Jewish plutocrats.

With the foregoing caveat, Martin's interesting article now follows.

Griffin’s “Alfred” confidence trick

It looks like my bulletin of last Saturday....

From: Martin Webster
Date: Saturday, 15 January 2011 21:05
To: Martin Webster
Subject: Griffin's “technology” excuse exploded

Griffin’s “computer technology” excuse
for electoral failure exploded at Oldham

....prompted Griffin to issue in his own name an explanation and “in-depth” ‘analysis’ for the BNP flop at Oldham. I run this out below. (You can’t say I’m not fair!) [visit www.bnp.org.uk to read Griffin's apologia, AE].

Though this second stab at an explanation is about six times longer than the initial explanation proffered by “BNP Web Admin” which I reviewed last Saturday, it contains no additional substantial facts or analysis.

In view of his promotion of Winston Churchill’s image in last year’s BNP general election literature, I’m only surprised that Griffin did not conclude the second version of the Oldham ‘analysis’ with the words: “I can only offer you blood, toil, tears and sweat....”!

He certainly did not repeat his claim in last year’s video that the BNP’s possession (or imminent possession) of a new computer voter-profiling programme would restore the party to electoral success!

We now learn that, contrary to the impression given in the post-general election video, this computer programme (which he now tells us is called “Alfred”) does not actually exist but is still being developed!

But in last year’s video he gave the clear impression that the computer programme did exist; that the Labour Party already had it (which was the reason why it swamped the BNP’s effort at Barking); that it was available to other parties; that the BNP was to / had already bought it; and that it would transform the BNP’s ability to contest elections on an equal footing with Labour and other big parties.

The BNP’s figures at Oldham last Thursday and Griffin’s admission today that the magic software does not exist are proof that last year’s video was simply a confidence trick to “explain” to BNP members the “technological reasons” for their party’s disappointing general election results and to give them hope of better things in the future....

[especially if members send in more cash NOW! Are you with me? Then Donate HERE!].

That future arrived last Thursday at Oldham.

Why aren’t donors and responsible BNP officials asking: Where’s that computer programme? What’s happened to the money subscribed to buy it?

It’s almost as if Griffin thinks that the majority of BNP members are so goldfish-brained that they cannot remember what he told them six days — let alone six months — ago; and that the few who can remember are so intimidated, or inexperienced, or gullible that he can bury their misgivings and anxieties under a torrent of words.

Very likely he’s right in this assessment of the human material he’s looting. The same sort of explanation applies as to why Zionist-Jewry is able to jackboot its way about the world with nobody except a tiny minority of “extremists” raising a peep of protest. [*See P.S. #1]

Clearly, the vast majority of people are stupid and/or cowardly and/or corrupt. The BNP is simply humanity at large, writ small.

Martin Webster.

P.S. #1: Now the Jews are out to smear George VI, father of our present Queen, as a raving Nazi because he followed government policy in resisting the mass immigration of German Jews to Palestine, which as a constitutional monarch he was obliged to do. He was a good and brave man who won the affection and admiration of all who remember him.

As a nine year old at a L.C.C. Catholic primary school I remember our headmistress, an Assumptionist nun called Mother Andrew, calling the whole school to assembly mid-morning. She announced: “Our King is dead”. The immediate response to this was a spontaneous exclamation of “Ohhh!....” — even from Irish children whose families had recently come to London from the Republic. An evil unkind man does not earn a spontaneous sigh of sadness from innocents when they hear of his passing.

The Jews have launched this vile campaign not to make sure a new film about him and his stammering problem does not win any Oscar awards (as British media creeps postulate) but to impose on our Royal Family and on the British nation at large a “Holocaust guilt burden” and to try to justify the Jewish theft of Palestine.

Why should any British Monarch, his government or his people pursue policies which are not only contrary to current British national interests, but involve the infliction of theft of national territory, ethnic cleansing and genocide against an innocent and unthreatening people — in this case the Palestinians?

This is a classic example of how the Jews incite what they call “anti-semitism”.

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