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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Griffin rats on his old mates - again

The following post was published on the Final Conflict web site in reply to Griffin's New Year message of 2008, at a time when the British National Party was convulsed by a split which was not, contrary to Griffin's tendentious claim, about ideology, or policy, but, like the current split, about organization and management.

While re-publication of the post here should not be taken to imply agreement with the entirety of the ideological world view of Final Conflict, or of Blood and Honour, it should be seen as fair comment on a matter of public interest: the character and integrity of a British MEP, and the leader of a British political party.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

BNP Boss Attacks Blood & Honour

The BNP leader has lost the plot.

In his "New Year message" he makes up all kinds of conspiracies, but central to which he attacks:

"Blood & Honour skinheads who Kenny Smith and Sadie Graham invite to their ‘socials’, want to bring back into the party, and use to try to intimidate decent nationalists".


"Great White Records operation precisely because it is moving nationalist music on from the grim, raucous, counter-productive hatred of the old neo-Nazi Blood & Honour"

I would say a couple of things:

1. Will Mr. Griffin now demand that the adverts that appear in every issue of B&H magazine promoting the BNP are dropped? There's also the "neo-nazi" League of St George magazine too...

2. Will Mr. Griffin stop collections being taken and BNP papers being sold at B&H concerts and socials?

3. Will Mr. Griffin stop BNP members, organisers etc. attending B&H events - and ask those who are members of B&H bands to quit the BNP or B&H?

Mr. Griffin is pandering to liberals and the Zionist press with this outburst.

a. B&H supporters have provided the BNP with good activists and security.

b. B&H supporters have stood as BNP candidates and done much of the "donkey work" - indeed in some areas security has been carried out by British Movement and Third Positionists when requested by local BNP organisers.

c. To call B&H music "grim" is to display a great ignorance of the range of B&H music which includes music as wide and varied as folkish, Heavy Metal, Oi, Rock, ballads etc. It may not all be everyone's cup of tea, but there are some superb musicians from many genres involved.

No doubt there is more money to be gained via defending race-mixing and attacking "anti-Semitism" these days...

Let's hope this latest outburst isn't shrugged off as yet more "softly softly catchee monkey" because after 7 years of churning out increasingly liberal and Searchlight-sounding invective against other nationalists (he likes to condemn those outside the BNP who comment on his sell-out, yet is quick to smear other nationalists -- remember his personal leaflet, with the Welshpool PO Box, put out slagging off the NF and BM?) how long before people wake and smell the (kosher) coffee?

After all how many times can nationalists be (verbally) punched in the face by a man more interested in sucking up to race-mixers, practicing [homosexuals] and neo-con journalists before they react in kind?

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