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Friday, 7 January 2011

Richard Edmonds: the status quo is unsustainable

New Year's Message from a British Nationalist

BRITAIN'S DEBTS SOARED even higher last month as the Government was forced to borrow a further, huge and record high of twenty-three billion pounds on the international money markets - more than a billion pounds borrowed per working day. The Government's accumulated debt is now some colossal 58% of the GDP - the total value of all wealth created in Britain. Our country is living on borrowed money and on borrowed time. To answer the question as to where these gigantic funds are coming from: mainly from the oil-sheikhs of the Middle East and the communist [sic] government of the Republic of China: no particular friends of ours.

In the run-up to last year's general election, Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England, warned that this level of government borrowing was unsustainable and that drastic public spending cuts were necessary and unavoidable. Mervyn King further added, privately, that he doubted whether David Cameron's government would have the stomach to face the inevitable social consequences. Well, in just these last few weeks the Tories have experienced the trashing of their London HQ by the mob, and we have all witnessed on our TV screens the heir to the throne and his wife being attacked and assaulted on the streets of our capital by the same mob.

Our country is facing ruination: we have been de-industrialized, consequent on deliberate government policy, and as part of the same government policy, millions of foreigners have been permitted to enter our country [both 'legally' and illegally, AE]. Meanwhile, social order is in danger of collapsing in the inner areas of our once great cities, and our standard of living now depends on our borrowing, and on a daily basis, vast sums from foreign entities and governments, none of them particular friends of Britain. As things now stand, this country can offer young people no worthwhile or long-term future.

With decades of campaigning behind us, we British nationalists have earned the right to address the abandoned and betrayed sheep who now constitute the bulk of our compatriots, and to drum into them, proclaiming it from the roof-tops, that lesson number one to be learnt is: that it is the Establishment parties, Lib,Lab and Con, which are responsible for the coming debacle.

Only the courage and energy of brave men and women standing up for Britain and giving a lead can save us now.

So, finally, be of good cheer, for we are needed as never before.

Richard Edmonds
Founder member and former national organizer
British National Party

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