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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Griffin, Lord of the Trolls

The statement below, by Nick Cass, was published on the British Democracy Forum on 2 January 2011. It is consonant with my own view that Griffin is a coward, who dare not engage personally with his critics lest his moral bankruptcy be exposed. Instead he relies upon a troll army of ignorant sycophants to spread disinformation on the web, under a cloak of anonymity.

These slaves are as cowardly, and contemptible, as their master.

The statement now follows.

Thanks for the lengthy discussion on my decision to stand alongside Eddy Butler in the recent leadership challenge.

But I am not looking for forgiveness as I have done nothing wrong and I have not made any mistakes. I always conduct myself professionally and unlike our opposition in this internal election, I did not lower myself to personal insults even though I was on the receiving end of them on a blog. I still support Eddy Butlers appeals for financial transparency in both the party and Trafalgar Club. Something which is normal in most members clubs from knitting to the squash club I used to play for, who used to provide visible accounts for its members yearly.

How terrible am I, wanting to see where the members money has gone when the party is in financial chaos. It would be irresponsible if I didnt question what was going on. My loyalty is with the party and when I dont get straight answers from a party of 'honesty' it sets alarm bells ringing.

My argument on a personal level briefly mentioned in the speech I gave, was an example of how the party treats its long standing and dedicated members.It is an issue I feel very strongly about, as most are volunteers. We wont get very far ditching our most dedicated people and treating them in a way almost designed to push them out of the party. But that is exactly what happens and has done scores of times, with scores of decent people.

I sent letter after letter to party HQ and deputy leader Simon Darby outlining issues I had with the way the party had dealt with certain issues. Some relating to me, and some relating to the general membership. After nearly 20years of party activism and membership you would have thought they would have wrote back or contacted me. But no, all my letters were ignored.

What kind of party treats its members - its volunteers, let alone people like my family who have sacrificed so much for the party, and have never done anything other than be ambassadors for the party. Their behaviour was almost designed to get my back up - which it did. But my own personal experiences were not the cause of my support for Eddy.

I sent a letter to Nick Griffin before I decided to stand alongside Eddy asking him to meet up and discuss Eddy's financial questions and other issues relating to his campaign for leadership. I said i would withdraw my support if he addressed the issues Eddy was campaigning on. He never replied, although he did reply when I sent him a letter about the blog set up which was obviously done by someone close to nick.

I have never left the BNP and have continued my membership because it is the party closest to what I believe in. But as for dedicating my time, money and good family image to a party who has no respect for its members -that simply wont happen.

If Nick Griffin wants to cantact me to discuss this I am quite happy to meet him and maybe we can sort this out once some of the questions I have are answered. But the ball is in his court as I have already tried.

Last thing. If you dont have the bottle to use your real name, dont be surprised if I dont bother putting write all the tripe people have to say about me.

No time for false names. Slag me off when you have grown some balls.

Cheers, happy new year.



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