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Monday, 10 January 2011

There are liars, there are damned liars, and then there is the media

Re-writing history to eliminate MEPs' stance against grooming

Mon, 10/01/2011 - 01:00 | Martin Wingfield for www.nickgriffinmep.eu/

10th January 2011: FIRST THERE WAS the conspiracy of silence by the media and the authorities to hide the existence of the grooming for sex of young white girls by Muslim men.

Now the media are taking the cover-up one step further by re-writing history to eliminate the record of Nick Griffin's and the British National Party's campaigning against this evil practice.

On Friday the Times, which put the grooming report on its front page, having ignored the story since 2004, claimed that Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg was the only politician brave enough to tackle the issue. The report deliberately ignored Nick Griffin's seven year battle to publicise the issue.

We know it was deliberate because Times journalist Andrew Norfolk reported on the very case at Leeds Crown Court where Nick Griffin was charged, over remarks made when alerting British National Party meetings across the North of England, about the growing threat to our young girls from Muslim men.

Now this morning, media outlets are carrying a new press release claiming it's Jack Straw that is leading the campaigning and the British National Party are just following his initiative, with the Business Recorder misinforming its readers:

". . . the far-right [sic] British National Party jumped on Straw's comments, saying it was launching a leaflet entitled "Our Children Are Not Halal Meat" in which it would "warn school kids of the threat from Muslim sex grooming gangs."

Thankfully, interested members of the public can find out all about the British National Party's seven year long campaign with the click of a mouse, as the history of Nick Griffin's stance against the might of the Establishment in exposing the threat to our young girls is well documented on the internet.

And many worried parents have done just that, as the MEP's mailbag on the issue bears witness.

"It seems to be the issue that his constituents in the North West most associate with Nick Griffin," explained Constituency Office manager Tina Wingfield.

"People write to Nick on the subject because they know that he will take their concerns seriously, and take action. Time after time, people write in to say that their MP, and their MEPs, from the old gang parties, have called them 'racist' because they are making accusations against Muslim men."

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