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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The lying in the north

The letter published here is sadly typical of the heart-breaking disillusionment and demoralization which has been brought about by Griffin's betrayal of the British National Party over the last several years. What can I do but entreat Roy and Elise, and every other member of the BNP, not to despair of the party, and to renew their membership? The party is more than its leader, much more in this case, and salvation may be closer than any of us know.

Roy's letter now follows.

Today is a sad day for myself and my wife Elise,as it marks the end of our membership of the BNP. The reasons for this to some are obvious , to the blinkered fools who still believe in King Nick and his rotten corrupt regime the obvious will manifest itself to you shortly as well.

We are talking here of a party that cannot produce accounts for 2009 even though we were assured by nick he had employed the best accountants and legal minds money could buy, what a lie that turned out to be.

We are talking here of a party that cannot conduct a leadership election without resorting to hatefull smear campaings against the challenger (Eddy Butler) and suspending /expelling anyone who supported a challenge (myself included).

A party that thru Nicks incompetance has been dragged thru the courts by the Ehrc at a cost of hundreds of thousands,by Unilever for the stupid Marmite prank,costs of over 100,000, and numerous employment tribunals,settlements against the party unknown ,and Kenny and Nicola Smith,Ian dawson etc massive costs ,all unknown to the members.

A party that wrecked any election success by announcing a fictitous murder plot to get rid of Mark Collet in case he spilled the beans on where the money went.

Need i go on ,just visit http://eddybutler.blogspot.com/ to find out the true state of the party.

As to BNP Scotland, that has been wrecked by the Sycophantic Mentally unstable liar and [deleted: potentially actionable, AE] Gary Raikes, strong words may be but none the less true (ask Hammy).

Dozens of good people of been got rid of by Raikes so he could continue to massage his ego and support the corrupt regime of King Nick, Raikes thinks hes going to hollyrood ,he should be going to jail for what hes done up here in scotland.

So to the future we must all look,mine will be with another Nationalist party for the forthcoming elections here in scotland,not to split the vote as some will no doubt claim ,but to continue the cause, but in a party that can be seen to be open and democratic, something the BNP isnt.

I wish you all well and a happier new year.


Roy Jones

Former North East Scotland Organiser
and ex BNP member.

ps please forward this email to all members as you see fit, thanks.

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