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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Wakey, wakey!

This is a post from the BNP sub-forum of British Democracy. I recommend every member of the British National Party takes a look at it: simply google British Democracy Forum.

Reading this thread it is almost bizarre that there are still people within the BNP who support Griffin. I wont label all those within the party as deluded but it seems those who are happy with the current structure/leadership are either gullible, desperate or have some sort of vested interests.

Griffin is not Britains savior he is a conman and a buffoon. Also potentially a [...] and liar who holds no loyalty to anybody. A genuine fake.

The BNP has been destroyed by the most ridiculously incompetent management. I personally class myself as a liberal Nationalist and patriot. Me and my family are crying out for a change in Britains direction but we would never associate ourselves with the BNP in its current form under Griffin.

The demographic of this area is rapidly changing. There is NO bnp presense here, NOBODY even talks about the bnp. Nationally the party is dead in the water, it is tragic really. Our nation burns while the only hope of real change is stifled by a fool and a bunch of fools who follow the pied piper blindly.

The absolute reality is the greatest opportunity for a Nationalist electoral breakthrough has been squandered completely and utterly over the previous 2-3yrs. Not through 'the reds', or 'traitors' or even 'the establishment'. But through one mans folly and those who congregate around him heaping praise while dancing to our nations doom.

In its current form the BNP is dead. Those who denigrate the 'sheeple' have themselves become 'sheeple'. The population may be brainwashed to an extent but actually people are not that thick. They do not want a bankrupt [...] snakeoil salesman, or convicted drug dealers, or those of dubious character etc running the economy and country.

As an afterthought im reminded of another dictator holed up in his bunker talking of future victories and selling the concept of wonder weapons (peak oil?) to gullible followers desperate to believe in victory. Steiner!!!! Steiner!!!! Where is Steiner????

PS. This is not a blanket smear on all Nationalists or BNP members. Just those who are still so blo*dy stupid to see their 'savior' is a downright fraud and is leading the cause backwards. Sorry folks but get out into the real world and you will realise at this moment the BNP is going absolutely nowhere.

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