Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito

Sunday, 16 January 2011

"There, there, dear - of course you're still the leader"

Griffin, regardless of his good work for the BNP in the past, is clearly now the greatest liability the party has, and the root cause of all its current woes. Power and cupidity appear to have corrupted any decency and integrity he may once have possessed.

He appears to be losing touch with reality, and to be in a state of denial. No doubt his having surrounded himself with a kitchen cabinet of depraved and slavish sycophants, who merely parrot what it is they know their master wishes to hear, instead of speaking the truth, has helped to reduce him to this pitiable state.

From now on his words should be viewed with profound scepticism, though he should be humoured up to a point, in the way that one would make certain allowances for the mentally disordered.

The one thing that the BNP needs now, more than anything else, is a new leader.

Any genuinely ethno-nationalist member of the party, untainted by Griffin's corruption, would be a significant improvement.

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