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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Griffin's "political soldier" speaks

What follows is a recent exchange of correspondence via my Facebook page between Mr Pat Harrington, a senior officer of both the British National Party and its rival, the National Liberal Party, and myself.

Since Mr Harrington chose to conduct this correspondence in a public forum, viz, my Facebook page, he can hardly object to my re-publishing it on my blog.

BNP members should note the way in which Mr Harrington refers to "your party" rather than "our party". Is this because he does not regard the BNP as "his" party at all, his real loyalty lying with the National Liberal Party, of which he is both a senior officer and a member?

Patrick Antony Harrington : I read through your blog and noted that you imply that you think I am incompetent in comments you make when reposting an email from Paul Golding. I would be interested to know your grounds for that. Paul Golding earned a large salary from your Party and commission. Even though he knew your Party was in debt he demanded more money. He resigned his position and seemed shocked that he was not begged to return. Consequently your Party will be at least £40,000 a year better off. Everything he did is now done on a voluntary basis. I would have thought you might approve.

Dr Andrew Emerson : Mr Harrington: if as you say, you have read through my blog, then you will have seen that I also criticize Cllr Golding for corruption and hypocrisy. I am very pleased that he is now no longer employed by the British National Party.

Regarding your own incompetence: I use the word in the sense of being unfit, or unsuitable, to discharge the duties of the post you hold, rather than as a reflection upon your ability. You are unsuitable because you hold a senior post in a rival political party that has fielded candidates against the BNP in elections, and because you are not a member of the British National Party.

If you can now prevail upon Mr Griffin to put the interests of the BNP before what he mistakenly believes to be his own personal interest, by resigning from the post of national chairman, then I shall be even happier.

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