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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Credit where credit is due

The following article comes from Eddy Butler's blog, www.eddybutler.blogspot.com.

Another one from the BNP’s Sleazebuster - it's starting to get repetitive...

Actually strictly speaking it’s another one from the BNP member who also happens to be a Sleazebuster but the BNP leadership wishes he didn’t exist.

Mr Eric Illsley, Labour Member of Parliament for Barnsley Central, pleaded 'Guilty' at Southwark Crown Court today to three charges of false accounting involving public funds of more than £14,000. He will be sentenced in four weeks time. He was due to stand trial today but at the last moment changed his plea to 'Guilty'.

The charges against Mr Illsley relate to expenses he claimed on his second home in London. They included council tax, service and maintenance charges, repairs and insurance charges and utilities and communications charges.

Mr Illsley is the second of four Members of Parliament, who were reported to the police by Michael Barnbrook, to plead 'Guilty' to fraud. The first, Labour MP David Chaytor, was sentenced to eighteen months imprisonment last week. Two more Labour MPs, Jim Devine and Elliot Morley, are still awaiting trial and a fifth Labour MP, Denis Macshane is still being investigated by the Metropolitan Police for alleged fraud.

Do not expect to read about this on the main BNP website or the London Patriot website because, since supporting me in a leadership challenge, Michael Barnbrook, a former Spokesman for the British National Party on Law and Order, has become a non person.


Nick Griffin’s disgraced leadership cabal has censored Michael Barnbrook out of existence. He has become a non person.

Do you also remember how Nick Griffin banned me from two meetings that were held to discuss various issues where deliberate lies were told to the audience of BNP officers in an attempt to brainwash them? The first was in Nuneaton on Easter Monday when the fake Mark Collett murder plot was unveiled just before the General Election with disastrous consequences for the BNP’s electoral fortunes. The second time was at an officers meeting held just after the General Election near Leicester when further lies were told to the effect that the Party’s finances were in tremendous shape. Who remembers that pitiful interview conducted by Arthur Kemp. If you want to refresh your memory take another look:


In this interview Arthur Kemp asked Nick Griffin a load of soft questions with his hand over his mouth to hide his embarrassment. Fast forward to about 4 minutes 45 seconds to hear one lie after another on the party’s finances and accounts.

Then there was the infamous meeting in Barking in the summer, from which about twenty local members were banned from attending as Nick Griffin wanted to way clear for him to lie through his teeth to the audience.


I just got sent an e-mail purporting to be from Nick Griffin (asking for money of course). Probably many of you have as well.

The e-mail says that it is disgraceful that Derek Adams, the BNP’s candidate in the Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election, was removed from a hustings meeting. As bad as this might be, maybe the Labour Party creeps who aimed to stifle healthy political debate may have got their ideas on how to conduct meetings from Nick Griffin. Unfortunately when you conduct yourself in the manner that Nick Griffin does, it does not sit well when you call out foul in such circumstances. Nick Griffin does not believe in democracy, he does not believe in free speech. So with Nick Griffin in charge of the BNP how do you think the BNP will be treated?

There is an old expression.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Nick Griffin should take this on board. He has stifled Michael Barnbrook. He abused his position during the late leadership contest to stifle internal debate. Yet here he is now moaning that the state are not giving him a fair crack of the whip and the media in Oldham are giving his campaign the cold shoulder. Again, perhaps they have learnt from the Nick Griffin’s political cook book. He is setting the bad example for the media and the establishment to follow.


Nick Griffin’s dogs of wear have been out on the internet moaning that their master has been reported to the police. I am able to verify this claim. All I can say is that Nick Griffin was very quick to go running to the police and the media about those fake Mark Collett murder plot claims at the outset of our General Election campaign. This was a gross act of treachery for which Nick Griffin can never be forgiven.

By running to the police, Nick Griffin has set a precedent. Furthermore, if, hypothetically, someone believed that the Chairman of the BNP had been guilty of some crime or another, who should that person rep[ort this to. Nick Griffin has seen to it that under the BNP’s constitution the only person who has any power is the Chairman. The Chairman has absolute, total and unfettered power. As a result of Nic k Griffin’s power grab, if a member thinks that there is wrongdoing and has evidence for it, the only way to seek redress is to report it to the police. I will emphasise that this is all hypothetical of course.


For reasons best known to themselves, Nick Griffin’s attack puppies have been set loose and they are busily claiming that Michael Barnbrook had nothing to do with the action taken against various MPs. The simple fact is, without someone stepping forward to make formal complaints to the right people and in the right manner nothing would have happened. I have found the following proofs of Mr Barnbrook’s vital activities in a matter of moments:

This link show that Michael Barnbrook was the complainant that led to the action against Derek Conway:

This link show that Michael Barnbrook was the complainant that led to the action against Sir Nicholas and Lady Winterton (see page 129):

This link show that Michael Barnbrook was the complainant that led to the action against Brian Binley:

This link show that Michael Barnbrook was the complainant that led to the action against Harry Cohen:

This link show that Michael Barnbrook was the complainant that led to the action against Nadine Dorries:

I attach various letters relating to these matters including one which shows that sometimes Michael Barnbrook’s complaint is not the one that the authorities rely on to take action. Click on the letters to read them properly. I apologise for the poor quality this time.


One thing strikes me as odd and is the role played by Arthur Kemp in all this. Arthur Kemp has taken on the role of gate-keeper for the main BNP website, and he has made it his business to exclude Michael Barnbrook related stories.

Why? Arthur is known to despise Nick Griffin and Nick Griffin is known to despise Arthur. Nick Griffin even thinks Arthur is a state agent. To be honest Nick Griffin thinks everyone he crosses swords with is an enemy agent. But Nick Griffin spent a long week’s conference in December 2008 repeatedly telling the entire then leadership team that Arthur Kemp was ‘state’.

Clive Jefferson hates Arthur Kemp with a passion and has been desperately briefing against him for a couple of months. Jefferson won’t tolerate anyone getting near to Nick Griffin’s ear and he fears that Arthur is trying to manoeuvre himself into that position.

For Arthur it is a battle for survival. What better way to earn your masters gratitude and a few meagre crumbs from his table than to be seen refusing to post stories relating to Michael Barnbrook? And to be seen doing it out of loyalty and devotion to the man he secretly despises. What a dilemma.

At the same time Nick Griffin is painfully aware that he has become totally dependent on Clive Jefferson. Nick Griffin has got himself into a situation where he couldn’t get rid of Jefferson even if he wanted to. Nick Griffin has managed to alienate all his former senior officers until he now finds himself with one over mighty subject who holds all the aces. Clive Jefferson (with a handful of his cronies) effectively runs the entire party now with Nick Griffin as his poodle. The only, literally the only senior officer who Nick Griffin can rely on to look after his interest is his daughter Jennifer, who is getting fast track promotion.

What a desperate situation the BNP finds itself in. Cast your mind back a year and a half and see the contrast.

Anyway, it’s high time Michael Barnbrook varied his line of attack against corruption among our politicians. Can anyone think of a, I don’t know, I’m thinking out loud here, maybe a Member of the European Parliament who has an unsavoury reputation that should be investigated?

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