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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Islam and sexual jihad (holy war)

Wrong and Wrong Again - A letter to the Daily Mail

Tue, 11/01/2011 - 01:00 | Martin Wingfield

11th JANUARY 2011: NICK GRIFFIN has written to Andrew Pierce, a political journalist with the Daily Mail, concerning errors in his column yesterday.

The MEP for the North West of England wrote:

Dear Mr Pierce

I note the closing comment in your column in today's Daily Mail. For the record, I was going to stand in Oldham East but the election was called by the LibDems in such haste that we only had 48 hours in which to get photos done in the constituency for the election addresses. Since I was trapped at home by significant amounts of global warming and couldn't get there for a photo-shoot, we decided to stand a very good local candidate instead.

We certainly anticipate a sizeable vote, I was campaigning there this weekend and found plenty of sympathy among voters. I'm not a betting man, but if you fancy putting £20 up I'll donate yours to an ex-servicemens' charity when we save our deposit, and you can do what you want with mine if we don't.

Your Mail articles are often very good, so it's a shame that you let your all too typical 'gay' prejudices against me come out in an intolerant and petty little rant. This is in fact ironic, given that it was me that [sic] led the BNP from proposing the recriminalisation of homosexuality (something I regarded as unjust and totalitarian) to its current position, which is that no-one should be persecuted or disadvantaged in any way for their sexuality, but although [sic] the promotion of homosexuality to young children by militant activists and their anti-family Marxist allies in the media should be banned. If you find that 'loathsome', I can assure you that most of your readers would disagree with you and agree with me.

The space would have been better filled by pointing out that the Muslim grooming gangs issue, and the scandal of the 10 year PC cover-up that has allowed them to ruin thousands of young lives, is not something confined to the Midlands and the North of England as the media and police still pretend. Neither is it - as Jack Straw maintains - a Pakistani problem. The truth is that this crime does not have its roots in race or nationality but in religion; this is a problem with its roots in the Koran and the 'exemplary' conduct of Mohammed.

As a result, it is happening wherever there are sizeable Muslim communities, including Slough, London, Luton, South Wales, the West Midlands, Peterborough, Wrexham, Shropshire and Glasgow. And the targets are not just girls from the indigenous population but also black girls (hence the deadly black v Muslim rioting in Lozells, Birmingham in 2005) and Sikhs and Hindus.

Until the origins and extent of this tsunami of perverse, racist criminality are understood and addressed, this problem will continue to blight the lives of families all over the country. Despite your sniping against me, I believe that you are sincere when you write about the importance of families, family values and the rule of law. This is a great opportunity for you to do something practical in support of those ideals. Or, like the rest of the British Establishment, are you too frightened of the growing threat of militant Islamism to do anything except turn a blind eye?

Yours sincerely

Nick Griffin

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