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Friday, 25 February 2011

"'Anti-Semitic'? Well, it's a trick - we always use it"

Shulamit Aloni, a former Israeli government minister, implies that the Jewish establishment in the United States and in European countries, has divided loyalties between their country of residence, and Israel.

Furthermore, she states that accusations of "anti-Semitism" are a cynical ploy, "a trick" which Jewish supporters of Israel play on gentile critics of Israel, in order to put them on the defensive, and to induce spurious feelings of guilt for the suffering of European Jewry during the holocaust.

Are not accusations of "racism", levelled at those patriotic Europeans and Americans who object to their homeland being overrun by ethnic aliens, equally "a trick"? Is not the purpose of such accusations, often made most loudly by Jews, it has to be said, to induce a spurious sense of guilt in the minds of the indigenous peoples of European descent, over their natural preference for their own kind, in order to facilitate their dispossession of their birth-right? Is this natural preference for one's own kind not practised most openly, and most effectively, by the Jewish people? Does this not make the Jewish people vulnerable to the accusation that they are hypocritical over the issues of race and immigration, since, in their own terms, they are the biggest "racists" of all?

I submit that the answer to every one of these questions is a resounding "yes!"

If we look at France: its president is a mischling. Nicolas Sarkozy has Jewish blood, being one-quarter Jewish. If we look at Britain: the leader of Her Majesty's loyal opposition, is a Jew. The British prime minister, David Cameron, is a mischling. He has Jewish blood, like Sarkozy, being one-quarter Jewish.

The state of Israel, unashamedly, has a very nationalistic, a very "racist", immigration policy. No-one is permitted to emigrate to Israel who is not either the child of a Jewish mother, or married to a Jew. Having only a Jewish father is not sufficient: one's application to settle in the country would be rejected. Consequently, Ed Miliband, his brother, David, and many another senior 'British' politician, and party donor, could each, should they so wish, at some point in the future, emigrate to Israel, and become an Israeli citizen.

In the light of these facts, is it any wonder that Britain's immigration policy is, in effect, an open, and standing, invitation to the ethnically alien, penniless hordes of Africa, Asia, and South America, to descend upon our country in their millions, and to loot its riches, via its welfare system, and jobs' market, all in the name of the Jewish ideologies of multiracialism (now euphemistically known as multiculturalism), political 'correctness', and 'anti-racism', which all, in effect, amount to anti-English racism?

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