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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Open letter to Yorkshire BNP members from Nick Cass


Special private meeting

Tuesday 22nd February, 7.30pm

Contact details for meeting –

E-mail: Nickcass@hotmail.co.uk

Telephone: 07805073965

Dear fellow BNP members,

As most of you will be aware, the BNP at the moment is in turmoil.

The party is over £500,000 in debt and has yet again failed to get the party accounts in on time. This will mean yet another fine using money the party does not have. We need to get together to discuss the current situation with the party's accounts. On top of this the basic party accounts which have been published by the Electoral Commission show a huge financial shortfall. In other words, vast amounts of our money are unaccounted for.

Some members have been pushing for the party to make all the accounts including the Trafalgar Club available for members for a while now. We need to be able to scrutinise them so we can actually see where our money is being spent. But this quite standard affair with members run organisations has been met with contempt by the current leader Nick Griffin. In fact some of the members who have raised these issues have been expelled or suspended from their positions. This cannot carry on.

Also open to discussion is the series of disastrous court cases our Chairman has brought upon us. These include the idiotic Marmite court case and the recent lost court cases with former BNP employees. This cavalier approach our Chairman has to spending our money has contributed greatly to the party's current financial dire straits. This cannot carry on.

We also have issues much closer to home to discuss. The sacking of top organiser Chris Beverley shocked most Yorkshire officials. Especially given Nick Griffin's choice of replacements. The new organisers have been quick to do their masters bidding and sacked Hull dynamo Rob Salter, a known Chris Beverley supporter.

In a lot of areas in Yorkshire the party is struggling. Members are leaving in their droves and it doesn't bode well for our party's future. Members are fed up of being treated like skivvies whilst the leadership offers no explanation for the party's current financial mess and lack of meaningful leadership.

As local officials and activists know, the party is certainly not bankrupt due to electioneering. Local branches have never had any help from HQ for fighting elections. In fact local branches paid for the General Election out of their own funds and not HQ.

So the question is, where has the £1.6million pound raised by the party last year gone? When the £500,000 the party is in debt is also added, the party has spent over £2million pound and we have nothing to show for it – not even receipts!

On top of that we have seen local branches’ bank accounts raided to foot HQ bills, leaving branches unable to pay their printing bills to friendly local printers. This has all got to stop!

These are some of the issues I wish to discuss with you on Tuesday 22nd February, 7.30pm start time.

The meeting is not a sit and listen meeting. It is a meeting to discuss where we go from here and what we intend to do collectively in May at the local elections. The meeting is private, not a party meeting, so no officials of the BNP unless given the go ahead will be allowed entry.

I have worked for nearly 20years for the BNP in one capacity or another and it is a very sad moment for me that the party is in such turmoil. Only a collective voice from the people of Yorkshire will make leader Nick Griffin sit up and take notice of our concerns. It is critical that you do your best to attend for the future of our nation as well as our party. I am very interested in your thoughts and opinions on how we can change things.

A number of people have contacted me about the meeting and expressed concerns about attending due to the perceived risk of intimidation from disruptive elements. Please be assured that I have organised a highly competent security team that will ensure our meeting goes off peacefully. Nobody need worry about their safety.

Should they turn up and attempt to gain entry Ian Kitchen, Simon Goodricke, Clive Jefferson or anyone who we believe to be acting at their behest and/or who is intent on causing disruption and bullying our members, will be prevented from entering the meeting by our security team.

Only last week, Ian Kitchen and Simon Goodricke turned up to an informal meeting in Kirklees and had the audacity to announce that they would be preventing our former Heckmondwike councillor (and one of the few BNP councillors ever to be re-elected) David Exley from entering our meeting. A few days before that Ian Kitchen turned up uninvited to a meeting in Hull and disrupted it by heckling, which caused a great deal of upset to local members, some of whom were attending their first ever BNP meeting. We will not tolerate bullying and intimidation.

Members should be able to feel comfortable giving their opinions and as the above-named individuals have shown that they are incapable of behaving in a civilised and respectful manner, I can assure you that they will certainly not be allowed into this private meeting.

Please email me if you wish to attend and I will book your place. I will forward the venue details onto you when you email me to book your seats.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this message. I look forward to seeing you then.

Please feel free to pass onto concerned activists and members.

Kind regards,

Nick Cass

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