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Monday, 28 February 2011

Tokyo Walker's broadcast

From the latest British National Party Organizers' Bulletin

Proscribed Groups and Webpages

I wish to remind everyone that there are certain groups and webpages which have been proscribed by the British National Party. These have been published in the British Nationalist as stipulated in our constitution. Anyone attending meetings organised by or through these groups or websites may be charged with a disciplinary offence.

No one should be under any doubt that I, as National Organiser, will take disciplinary action against any member who flouts proscription notices. Nor should anyone doubt that I will not hesitate to call members into meetings to explain actions which I believe raise a prima facie case for disciplinary charges. Anyone advocating 'starving' the Party centre of funds, standing independent rather than British National Party candidates or engaging in personal attacks on Party staff, officers or contractors will face charges.

We must all ensure that we are doing our best to promote our party positively. This party is moving forward, and anyone engaging in actions which are disloyal or factional will be made to answer for it by me.

Adam Walker
National Organiser

I'm sure none of us will be doing anything like that, Mr Walker.

I won't even remind colleagues about how you dishonoured the glorious memory of our fallen British servicemen of the Forgotten Army, by visiting a shrine dedicated to sadistic Japanese war criminals. Nor will I mention how you attempted to justify your traitorousness by telling the media that "...they were only doing their duty..."

You are going to be severely disciplined, Mr Walker. You have my word on that.

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