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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Put not thy trust in Griffin

The following was published on the British Resistance web site earlier today. One can only hope that Cllr Edwards reconsiders his decision to resign from the British National Party.

A man like Griffin is not worthy of the loyalty of men like Cllr Edwards. Cllr Edwards has now come to understand this. Griffin is not the British National Party, however. As one of the comments on the British Resistance web site states "No-one is bigger than the party, not even Griffin".

Rather than Cllr Edwards resigning, it is Griffin who should resign, not from his position as party leader, but from the BNP, whose good name he has unforgivably dragged through the mud.

Cllr Edwards' statement now follows.

Written by Kevin Edwards

Saturday, 12 February 2011 15:42

Hi Paul

I am giving you this article to explain why I have resigned from the British National Party.

Sadly as a result of what happened today at the National Organisers Meeting in Stoke it was not a difficult decision.

As you know I tendered my resignation to the British National Party on Monday night. The reason that I did this was my increasing frustration that in my opinion the very relevant issues that I had raised with the Wales Organiser Brian Mahoney over a few weeks had not been dealt with or indeed ignored.

Thanks to your actions The Chairman Nick Griffin called me and asked for full details of what has been going on to be emailed to him and got me to withdraw my resignation.

The email and Nicks response is below

The final straw was the article from the South Wales Guardian on Wednesday the 19th of January 2011 entitled "BNP man in court." This incident happened less that 2 miles away from where I am a Councillor.

My personal mobile which is in the public domain number never stopped with calls from distraught ex and current members who were deeply disturbed over thiis incident that has set the BNP back years in West Wales and Pembrokeshire along with the usual crank and gloating calls referring to Phillips as a nazi Thug etc.

This was reported to Brian Mahoney that evening. I had no reply.

These phone calls mainly attacking the BNP continued for four days until the UAF lot had laughed enough.

The reason that I placed my mobile into the public domain is for constituency and general enquiries and not for me to apologise for the completely inexcusable and thuggish actions of a member.

Email to and from Nick Griffin

On Tue, 8 Feb 2011 14:48:23 +0100, "GRIFFIN Nick"
< nick.griffin@europarl.europa.euThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > wrote:
Many thanks. He's got to go. I'm shocked that this was not dealt with in South Wales ages ago.

Over to you Adam & Clive to sort with Brian.

Recipient nick.griffin@europarl.europa.euThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Date Tue 01:18

Hi Nick

Thanks for taking the time to speak to me tonight it is very much appreciated.

Here are some links regarding Roger Phillips. I am sorry that they had not been brought to your attention earlier.

Roger has been back in South Wales for nearly 3 years and all this has happened in that time.

Patriot Products ( In direct competition with our own excalibur and also massive copywrite issues. )
http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/... ...lsh-bnp-goods-91466-25169184/

Threats to hang Baroness Uddin
http://www.people.co.uk/news/tm_headline=bnp... ...93463-name_page.html

Death Threats in taped phone call to Bristol Film Maker
http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news... ...video-91466-25379428/

Assault in Cross Hands Social Club
http://www.southwalesguardian.co.uk/news/... ...8798845.BNP_man_in_court/


What I find most disturbing about the above article is that after 4 years of steady growth in West Wales and the successful formation of a new group in Pembrokeshire, Rogers actions have set the party back years plus he is telling members that he only defended himself as any man would have!

A full list of Rogers antics can be read on the following google link
http://www.google.co.uk/webhp?hl=en#hl=en&xhr=t... ...26fc64b58d6a7

In my honest opinion Roger Phillips is very unstable and is a ticking bomb.He is a danger to the political progress of the party.

As I said to you I strongly believe that Politics got us into this mess and politics will get us out of it. British National Party Politics.

I have mentioned to Brian that the Southwales Guardian article gives us a massive political advantage if we were to publicly expel Roger Phillips from the party.

The Western Mail/Wales on Sunday (Trinity Mirror) and the South Wales Evening Post (Northcliffe) do know about this story and to me it is no surprise that they are holding onto it for maximum damage ie front page coverage 2 or 3 days before May 5th.

We have a great chance here to nip their plans in the bud, show that we are serious about our credibility and project the right image to the electorate along the same lines that you handled the Richard Barnbrook saga which I totally agree with and is to your credit.

With regards to Brian Mahoney.

Personally I have a lot of respect for Brian although on some occassions I have felt that he can appear to be weak,surprisingly weak and in many ways politically naive.

If I was in his position the trouble makers would have gone and there would now be no crisis.

Fear of losing members or popularity can never be placed above the aims and goals of the party.

The ones that want to go are the ones that we do not need.

I have emailed my concerns and threatening text messages from Roger Phillips to Brian over the last 2 weeks or so the last being on Wednesday of last week.

I know that Brian has been ill but I am disappointed that I have had no reply.

Once again thanks for taking the time to speak to me Nick.

Please contact me at any time.

Kind Regards

Councillor Kevin Edwards

So that was it as far as I was concerned until I spoke to Brain Mahoney who I used to have a lot of respect for at todays meeting.

Brian had informed me that the NAC had met last night and that nothing was to be done about Phillips thuggery. He was safe.

I was informed that he was sick of all the bickering within Wales BNP. I advised him that I was not bickering and that I had not for the first time provided him with hard evidence.

He said "he didn't care."

I then mentioned that the National Press were aware of Phillips latest actions and that by taking no action Phillips was likely to become a national news story a few days before polling day for the Welsh Assembly Elections tarnishing the party and costing us valuable votes at the last minute and potentially seats in the Assembly.

He said "then let them do it."

It seems to me that Brian Mahoney would rather protect a liability than the parties image and political objectives. He is prepared to jeopardise all the hard work that would be put in by the candidates and activists over the next couple of months.

This is something that I could never agree to as this party can do nothing without the ultimate achievement that is power.

With regard to Nick's comments On Tue, 8 Feb 2011 14:48:23 +0100,
"GRIFFIN Nick" < nick.griffin@europarl.europa.euThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > wrote:

Many thanks. He's got to go. I'm shocked that this was not dealt with in South Wales ages ago.

Over to you Adam & Clive to sort with Brian.

What can I say ?

I have always been a loyal Griffinite and have always believed in
Nick's integrity and honesty. That is now shattered.

Nick is either a blatant liar, politically naive or just listens to
some very bad advise.

Whatever the reason he is definitely not serious when he says that
the party has cleaned up it's image.

Sadly That's it for me.

Quite simply Nick Griffin and Brian Mahoney are not the type of people
that I believed them to be.

Best Wishes

Councillor Kevin Edwards

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