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Friday, 4 February 2011

Griffin the Liar, Griffin the Hypocrite

Griffin's idea of "shortly" = sometime never?

Extract from Griffin's MEP web site:

"In addition, MEPs can submit claims for car journeys in their own countries up to a maximum distance of 24,000 km annually at the same rate. I have claimed significantly less than the total allowable and will publish the total so far shortly."

Nick Griffin MEP

It is now more than eight months since Griffin promised, on his MEP web site, to publish the total of his expense claims for car journeys within Britain, shortly, and yet he still has not done so.

This is an absolute scandal and a disgrace. It brings the British National Party into disrepute, and makes the electorate believe that the BNP is no different, in terms of corruption, indeed may perhaps be even worse, than the Establishment parties we have rightly condemned in the past. Griffin's dereliction of duty renders the BNP vulnerable to that most damning, and damaging, charge of all for a reforming party: that of hypocrisy.

Come on Griffin, wake up to yourself and your responsibilities! Do the right thing, and publish those expense claims.

Or would you prefer to continue to play the hypocrite?

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