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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Trouble in the Valleys: the Green Arrow on target

The following post was published on the formerly Griffinite web site, British Resistance, by its web editor, Paul Morris, alias the Green Arrow, about an hour ago.

Breaking News - BNP Councillor Kevin Edwards resigns from party

Written by Green Arrow

Saturday, 12 February 2011 12:18

News just in, that Councillor Kevin Edwards, one of the British National Party's best hopes for the Welsh Assembly elections has resigned from the party and as an organiser.

There will be more details posted later today on Councilor Edwards site when he returns home from a disappointing meeting. As a result of the information I have available, and as a result of personal experiences, then I support councilor Edwards in what is to me, a principled stand against political thuggery.

Therefore it is with the deepest regret and with the pain of a knife in my stomach that I must publicly announce that this site no longer unconditionally or exclusively supports the British National Party.

In 2009 Nick Griffen MEP, made a speech that made references to change and a New Model Army, well now is the time for him to prove he meant what he said and regain the trust and support of this site.

More news and information to follow.

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