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Monday, 28 February 2011

The BNP has no confidence in Griffin

Meeting Report - BNP Reform 2011

By admin, on February 26th, 2011

A meeting of BNP Reform 2011 was held on Thursday the 24th February.

Yorkshire Meeting

A detailed report of the Yorkshire meeting held on Tuesday 22 February, where a unanimous vote (one abstention) of NO CONFIDENCE was passed on Nick Griffin’s leadership, was presented to the meeting.

Regional Contacts

It was reported that BNP Reform 2011 Regional Contacts had been or were in the process of being appointed. The primary aim of the regional contacts would be to galvanise support in the regions, particularly in the run up to the “Leadership Challenge”.

Regional Meetings

It was agreed that regional meetings similar to the successful Yorkshire meeting would be organised in other regions and a national meeting would also be held closer to the Leadership Challenge campaign date.

BNP Reform 2011 Web Site

The meeting was informed a web site in support on BNP Reform 2011 was now established; discussions of the role and content of the web site took place and agreements reached.

Legal Matters

Several areas, where the Party had not met its legal and constitutional obligations to members were discussed and it was agreed to proceed with legal action in some cases. Further details will be published in a separate article on this site.


The financial cost of the BNP Reform 2011 campaign was raised. The meeting was informed the campaign account was presently in the black, thanks to a number of unsolicited donations from a few supporters. A new treasurer was appointed and agreement reached to widen the appeal for financial support as costs would inevitably rise when the Leadership Challenge was launched. A donate appeal button was to be placed on the web site and email appeals to be sent out to supporters.

A collection was taken at the conclusion of the meeting. The executive committee wish to extend their thanks for the generosity of all present.

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