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Friday, 11 February 2011

John Bean demands Griffin's resignation, again

The following post was first published on Eddy Butler's blog, www.eddybutler.blogspot.com, earlier today.


Short Guest Article by John Bean

Laura De S’Orda says the new look issue of Voice of Freedom, with its thick paper (which immediately tells the observant that it is a limited circulation) is ‘taking a step back in time’. Laura is too kind. It is a disaster and its articles, apart from the reports from our two MEPs, are mostly stomach-turning where they are not inane.

The 12 uninspiring pages will now cost you 70p as opposed to 60p for 20 pages when it was an informative, populist newspaper produced by an editor – Martin Wingfield - who really knew his trade.

If you feel that I have been a little harsh to write about the ‘Death Throes’ of the BNP’s publications, then go to ‘Publications’ on the Party website and you will be told that: ‘Identity is the quarterly magazine of the British National Party . It is packed with articles, news and ideological discussion. Fill out the form below to subscribe.’ You will see that you are asked to give £24 for four issues.

Importantly, it also adds: ‘Identity is free to all BNP members as part of their membership package’.

There are two lies here. One is that it has not been published for almost a year, and the more direct lie to members that they should be receiving it free. As the former editor I can assure you that from the ‘golden days’ of the Midas Agency when Dowson thought some money could be milked from Identity a thousand copies at the most were printed – mainly sent to new members - and no where near the 14,000 copies required for our membership at that time.

In my letter of August 28th last to Nick Griffin (which he never properly replied to) recommending that as a result of the Party running up debts in excess of £500,000 and haemorrhaging membership he should accept the veracity of the adage ‘the buck stops here’ and resign as our Chairman I did not suggest that he was fully aware of the impropriety that had been going on. I feel now that he must have been aware of much of what was happening, and therefore it is even more imperative that he should resign in order to save the BNP – and not just his MEP pension. I am aware, of course, that other former dedicated members consider that Griffin was and is fully implicated.

I will have more to say on this after the Barnsley by-election where the BNP has an excellent candidate and I for one have no desire to rock her boat.

Dr Emerson says: if John has more to say on Griffin's disastrous betrayal of the British National Party, he should not wait, but should speak out now. There will always be something happening, some election in the offing, which those who wish to maintain a conspiracy of silence, in order to protect the corrupt and disloyal 'leadership' from the truth, will use as a pretext to delay the justice that must and shall inevitably, and rightly, be visited upon them.

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