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Thursday, 3 February 2011

What is Griffin's major malfunction?

Tom Holmes asks: Why do people hate Griffin so?

Dr Emerson replies: There is the general public, some of whom will have seen him on TV, for example on Question Time. They tend to be contemptuous of him as weak and cowardly, rather than to hate him.

Then there are the journalists, the politicians of Establishment parties, and those parties' activists. They work to a script, an institutional agenda if you will, that tries to demonize any leader of an ethno-nationalist political party. Having said that, Griffin's past, his record of "careless extremism", and holocaust denial in particular, are an absolute gift to the other side. Without it they might well have been in deep trouble by now.

Then we come on to those individuals, no inconsiderable number, with whom Griffin has fallen out over the years, former colleagues, even 'friends', whom Griffin has betrayed, and treated badly. Naturally, they tend to despise him.

Griffin is one of those shallow, manipulative, individuals who lack empathy, and regard others simply as a means to serve their own selfish ends, rather than as an end in themselves.

Such people are often very plausible, they have 'the gift of the gab', but lack character, or what the Army used to call "moral fibre".

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