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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Broken Arrow

Just what does Griffin have to do to Paul Morris, alias the Green Arrow, or to his friends and colleagues, such as Cllr Kevin Edwards, before he, Morris, realizes the kind of individual Griffin is?

Does poor old Green Arrow believe that Griffin does not know about the kind of things that are done in his name? Does he imagine that the two-faced Griffin does not hold him, and the other Griffinites, in utter contempt?

While Griffin is in charge of (one can hardly call it leading) the British National Party, any hope of electoral success for the party, such as winning a seat, or seats, on the Welsh Assembly, is wholly illusory.

Even saving a parliamentary deposit is beginning to look as if it would be a minor miracle, at this rate.

Two very relevant sayings:-

There's none so blind as those that WILL NOT see.

There's no fool like an old fool.

The following article was published on the ("proscribed within Wales" - what a joke!) web site, British Resistance.

Politics is a funny old game

Written by Green Arrow

Sunday, 13 February 2011 12:41

Well rival Party Politics can be a funny old game but let me tell you this from experience. Internal Party Politics is anything but funny, it is vile, dirty and not for those with weak or faint hearts as it can become positively life threatening.

Yesterday I had hoped to be reporting good news from Stoke and the British National Party's plan for the Welsh Assembly elections. Instead I was duty bound to report the story of Councillor Kevin Edwards resignation from the BNP.

Now I have been unable to access comments until now but reading through them today, I see that predictably Councillor Edwards has come under attack for simply releasing a statement has to why he had resigned - he could have gone a lot further - but for now, lets have a long hard look at what is happening in Wales. Meanwhile, I have instructed Corsham Crusader to delete all comments because I feel that many of them were written by people who did not have the full facts available to them. Hopefully after this article they will. Comments will then be opened again.

Kevin Edwards, supplied the party with enough information to provide the leadership with enough evidence to remove someone who he quite rightly believes to be a threat to the party and the coming Welsh Elections. There is no disputing the evidence provided but in his statement posted on his site and here, he did not provide you with ALL the information that had been provided to the party.

Perhaps if he had, those now attacking him would have remained silent but I believe Kevin felt that he had provided enough information to resolve this problem without dragging more revelations into the public eye. If I was Kevin, I would have wanted to know why he was not invited to the AC meeting discussing this matter. Only one voice was heard - Brian Mahoneys.

So Kevin now stands accused of washing BNP dirty linen in public. Yet what else could he do as an honourable and decent man? Just ignore the truth and walk away? Whether for the greater good of the cause, Kevin keeps the rest of the information he holds private who can tell. That is his choice.

The Party was given a golden opportunity to show that they would not tolerate loutish behaviour by anyone in the party, no matter how popular they were. Instead they have thrown it away and now we will see the consequences of their failure to grasp the nettle.

Now I said that Politics was a funny business. It is also an unfair business and because someone tells the truth there is no guarantee that they will be listened to let alone be believed.

Now then, where and how did all this start? Well it starts with Eddy Butler and his supporters in Wales. Unlike those Butler supporters in England, who were either expelled from the BNP or left of their own accord, a group of his supporters remained within the British National Party in Wales for their own reasons which I believe will become clear in May but which I will touch on here.

When I was "sounded out" by these people, who up until then I had classed as friends as well as comrades their attitude towards me and this site rapidly changed when I made it quite clear that I supported the BNP and their leader Nick Griffin 100%. The fact that this site had raised thousands of pounds for them meant nothing and they set out to tarnish my name and this site and its predecessor, The Home of the Green Arrow with outright lies. Many of you will have seen these lies posted around the net. All rubbish but sadly spread by so called nationalists.

Now I do not wish to give our enemies any more ammunition to use against the BNP so I will not go into all the details but suffice to say that I can support everything I write with hard evidence. I made repeated attempts with these people to reach a compromise for the good of the party and the greater cause but that was not acceptable to them and I asked the Welsh Regional Organiser for a meeting of all concerned to resolve our differences. This was flatly rejected. I tried emails, phone calls, all rejected.

Now here is where the injustice comes in. All this information was made available to Brian Mahoney, the Welsh Regional Organiser who I believed was trustworthy. Brian did eventually manage to stop some of the attacks against me but instead of removing these violent thugs from the party, his solution to the problem was to make myself and this site "proscribed within Wales". Why? The Butler supporters in Wales were over the moon and promptly rushed around Wales and phoning the country with all sorts of stories about me and stated that were I to attend any Wales BNP meetings to report on them then I would be sorted out in a violent fashion.

Now at the indigenous forum family weekend, some of you might remember the Chairman of the BNP, Nick Griffin MEP shaking my hand and thanking me for this sites support in exposing the lies of Butler and Barnes and yet it is because of my unwavering support for the British National Party and its leader that I am now threatened with violence and smeared by three extremley nasty and violent individuals who do not really give a toss about the BNP no matter what they might say in public - and all under the protection of Brian Mahoney.

I know for a fact that there is a group in Wales who would prefer to be independent of the British National Party as they believe that our flag, the Union Flag is representative of England and so would like to see a Welsh National Party or Welsh Patriot Party.

And again that is where I differed with these people because although being proud of being Welsh, I am at the end of the day a British Nationalist and could not support that. The Union Jack is my flag and I have fought for it and am prepared if necessary to die for it.

I believe that this groups plan is to use the British National Party to get a Welsh Assembly Member elected and then to employ like minded individuals as their paid advisers and then split from the BNP. That is my assessment of the situation. I may be wrong but I very much doubt it.

Now that is all I am prepared to say other than myself and this site still firmly believes that the British National Party led by their chairman Nick Griffin MEP is the only hope for this country but it cannot support the party in Wales whilst false BNP thugs cruise around in cars and threaten those who oppose them using the same tactics of the UAF and even whilst I type are trying to intimidate and influence people who support this site.

Well there you go. Those of you who say you will withdraw your support from this site, then fine, that is your choice. This site will continue but only if you wish it to. You can close it down now by not making any donations, because we only have enough funds to operate for just one more month and quite honestly at this moment in time, I feel you would be doing me favour because I for one am sick of it all and those people who so poorly advise Nick Griffin MEP.

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