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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Guardian says: keep up the good work, Nick!

Black Guardianista Hugh Muir wishes Nick Griffin well, using the royal "we". Well, this should surprise no-one. Judging by the ruination to which Griffin has brought the British National Party, of course a black, left-liberal journalist like Muir wishes him to remain as leader of the BNP. What enemy of the BNP, and of British ethno-nationalism would not?

Muir's article now follows.

Following David Cameron's landmark speech on the evils of multiculturalism, and Sadiq Khan's claim that Big Dave is "writing propaganda" for far-right groups, quite a few people do indeed re-evaluate the prime minister. "David Cameron ... a wolf in British National party clothing," says Nick Griffin of the BNP, displaying for his followers a grudging admiration and pleading with them not to run off with the Tories. Two figures scrap over the same noxious territory. Not quite enemies, not quite friends. [Emphasis mine].

• And nasty Nick does need friends. For after all those draining months spent tussling with the equalities watchdog, the relative peace he sought has been shattered. We learn that the party financial accounts for 2009 are being formally "reviewed" by the official watchdog, the Electoral Commission. Eyebrows there were raised by the decision of the party's auditor to issue only a "qualified" statement, noting that he could not possibly fully sign off on the accounts as full and fair or complete. There is also the matter for the leader of a £1,250 fine from the Commission, levied because both the party's national and regional accounts were submitted beyond the deadline – the third such transgression in the past four years. Add to that, bitter testimony from the party's preferred printer, who has told the Commission that he is still owed £15,000 for leaflets and bulletins – thereby challenging the party's legal pronouncement that it has no outstanding general election debts – and it does seem that the finances are all over the place. Some doubt that Nick is the man to sort it out. For our part, we wish him well. [Emphasis mine].

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