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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Do the DECENT thing, and resign, now!

The following article was recently published on Cllr Kevin Edwards' blog. Needless to say Cllr Edwards has my full support. There is no place for depravity and degradation in a political party that promotes decent family values, just as there is no place for tyranny and thuggery within a party that claims to be democratic.

If you want a simple reason why the BNP is collapsing under Nick Griffin, look no further than this

With a very important by election coming up in Barnsley on March the 3rd the last thing I would have thought that the British National Party would need would be a headline like this.

Ian Kitchen (who I do not know) has recently been appointed Yorkshire Organiser of the British National Party directly at Nick Griffin's request.

The problem is that Ian Kitchen's wife Linda is a hard-core porn actress and the star attraction on a number of websites that show and sell films for a particular market in mature and genitally pierced “grannies.”

There are also a number of explicit photographs of Linda, who has the word “slave” tattooed across her abdomen, engaged in sexual acts not with her husband but with alleged and consenting strangers.

Nick Griffin is aware of all this.

If you think this is bad enough, well I am sorry, there is more.

Kitchen and his fourth wife Linda have been entrusted with running and promoting the party’s annual Red, White and Blue (RWB) festival which has always been a highly successful and popular family orientated event run over 3 days, promoted along Christian lines.

Once again I emphasize that Nick Griffin knows of the history of the Kitchens and he is directly responsible for their appointment.

Nick Griffin's political judgement is fatally flawed and his credibility amongst supporters and members is now being called into question throughout the country.

For the sake of the party and the good people still left within it he has to go.

Cllr Kevin Edwards

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