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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Richard Edmonds says: join the BNP!

Former Tory Chancellor and current member of Cameron's Coalition Government, Ken Clarke, revealed in an interview with the Daily Telegraph (12 February 2011) that Britain's economic situation is now CALAMITOUS. Tory Government minister, Ken Clarke, then made the key political point that the vast majority of British people were still totally unaware of the calamity that was about to overtake them and their families. Politics in Britain will be very, very different, and consequently very, very difficult for the Coalition Government when the calamity strikes home, when the calamity of economic misery strikes at the hearths and homes of millions of Britons, added Ken Clarke.

This is the time for we Nationalists to re-energize our movement.

Yes, we maintain our opposition to the crime and the mass immigration which is destroying the substance of our civilization in the inner areas of our major cities.

Yes, we emphasize our opposition to the mass out-sourcing of British jobs to the cheap labour countries of the Far East.

Yes, in parallel, we emphasize our opposition to the investing by the City of London of huge sums of British capital in countries such as the People's Republic of China, with its Communist government.

But now is the time for us to go much further.

Now is the time for our Party to appeal to fifty-five million Britons: this country of ours is facing ruination and this calamity, this grievous disaster in the making, is the DIRECT consequence of the ruinous policies inflicted over decades now by the old parties, Labour, Tory and the Lib Dems; and imposed by these failure-parties on the nation, in spite of and against the clear and very public expressions of disapproval and opposition.

Now is the time to go beyond mere disapproval. Now is the time for fifty-five million British people to take up their responsibilities to this our land. Should Britain fall to utter ruination, which God forbid, then that will be the fault of nobody but the British people: responsibility begins at home.

Now is the time for us to rally the British people:-

JOIN us and HELP save our wonderful country!

Richard Edmonds
Former National Organizer
British National Party


  1. I have had the privilege to meet with Richard on several occasions over my meagre 30 years of service to the nationalist movement.

    He is a true gentleman and scholar, highly articulate, intelligent and above all a sincere nationalist.

    However his call to "join the BNP" seems to be at odds with the wider view held by those who not only demand, but aim through their own actions, to bring about real change in the direction of the nationalist cause.

    The BNP "brand" even until 12-18 months ago once held value, now thanks to the disastrous decisions of the current leadership the BNP is a dead duck. It is beyond saving. As so many activists, both current and former know, the vast majority of the voting public has some degree of sympathy and support for BNP policies. What the potential electorate offer by way of explanation for not voting for a BNP candidate is either "the BNP leader Nick Griffin" or "the BNP image in the media".

    The pathetic spectacle of a squirming, fawning Griffin on BBC's Question Time was a turning point for many who had thereto considered the BNP as a party they might support. It repulsed both the doorstep possibles and far more seriously, it disgusted the legion of stalwarts who made the party work.

    I cannot support a call to join/rejoin or support the BNP in its current status of near death. To do so legitimises the misrule of the despicable character Griffin who has put his own personal greed for money and power ahead of the real objectives of nationalism. It's a bit like calling on the millions of Egyptians to support the ruling party of the dictator Mubarak and try and change the regime from within.

    On the contrary a swift death blow is needed to put this disgraced party out of its misery; it is a mere shadow of its former self; thousands of card carrying members have been through it and disgorged by it and many recognise the shortcomings of the one person who once laid (falsely of course) the claim to rescue our land and people. The name is ruined, there is nothing but negative value in the BNP.

    Only through its complete and utter demise can a new path for the salvation of our people be forged.

    best regards


  2. You will probably not be surprised to learn that I disagree, not with your diagnosis, Steve, but with your prescription.

    To paraphrase the words of Peter Mullins, the former south west regional organizer of the party: "The British National Party is not the property of one man, however elevated that man may think he is. We all have a share in it, and if anyone tries to take it away from us, by God, we'll take it back!"

    If only Peter had stood by those brave words, instead of going off to form a new party (the British Freedom Party) the pro-reform movement within the BNP would be stronger even than it is, and the remaining period of Griffin's tyranny even shorter than it now is.

    Unity in action to save the BNP by ousting Griffin: that is what is required.

    To criticize Griffin is not to criticize the BNP.

    The BNP's policies are just what the British people want and need, but the electorate will never vote for a party led by notorious trash, no matter how excellent its policies may be.