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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Islamification of England

First broadcast on French TV in September 2010, this documentary film should sound an alarm for every Englishman who loves his country, and his people. The film looks at the creeping Shariatization, or incremental imposition of a subversive, parallel, Islamic justice system on the country, 'under the radar'.

The film alludes to the bigotry and intolerance of Islam, and to the violence towards, in particular, women, homosexuals, and Jews, which it, at least tacitly, connives at, and condones.

Parts of London, and other major cities in England, have been subjected to a cultural colonization by Muslims, with street signs in Bengali, or Urdu, as well as in English.

The film ends with a look at the English Defence League, whose predominantly peaceful marches and demonstrations express the righteous indignation at, and patriotic opposition to, the traitorous Establishment's treasonable betrayal of the English nation to subjugation by ethnic aliens, and their foreign cultures and creeds.

The film is narrated in French with sub-titling in rather poor English but the message, and the danger, comes across clearly, nonetheless.

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