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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter in Alchevsk, Ukraine

A few years ago the town of Alchevsk in the south east of Ukraine (the word means "Borderland" in Russian) suffered a public health crisis when the obsolescent heating system for its public housing failed in the middle of a severe winter, due to inadequate maintenance.

Certain local community leaders, it would appear, had been negligent in the performance of their duty to serve the public trust, and were duly replaced. Under new leadership, and with the whole community of patriotic Ukraine helping their brothers and sisters of Alchevsk, catastrophe was narrowly averted, and the crisis successfully overcome.

Easter is a time when we think of new life, of re-birth, renewal and resurrection. It is a time of hope for the future, when new possibilities appear on the horizon. But for these possibilities to become a reality we must each be prepared to make sacrifices. To bring a city's public heating system, or a political party, such as the British National Party, back from the dead, to resurrect it, to give it new life, and new leadership, requires faith, hope, and hard work. But through such a labour of love what miracles may not be achieved?

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