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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Griffin puts BNP back ten years

Griffin must shoulder most of the blame for the British National Party fielding its smallest number of candidates in council elections for ten years.

How can he seriously expect the electorate to elect BNP candidates when he appoints a disgraced former detective, Simon Goodricke, as the deputy regional organizer for Yorkshire and the Humber? This is a man who has already shown that he will abuse the public trust rather than serve it faithfully.

Eddy Butler must stop making a bad situation worse by continually praising the false flag, multiculturalist, English Democrats from his bully pulpit blog, and instead show some loyalty to the BNP, as distinct from Griffin. The BNP is not Griffin and Griffin is not the BNP. We in BNP Reform understand and acknowledge that distinction, criticizing Griffin but remaining loyal to the BNP. Why cannot Eddy Butler do the same?

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