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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Establishment hostility - a convenient excuse for failure

The following article was published on Eddy Butler's blog earlier today.

It's a good read.



Over the last few days a remarkable thing happened. Nick Griffin’s BNP showed it was actually capable of learning. At the same time however it managed to prove what a liar, coward and opportunist Nick Griffin actually is.

Can you remember just after the disastrous Barnsley Central by-election when Griffin tweeted the following:

“Nothing wrong with our logo, same size as Tories'. But look at the UKIP monster!”


“UKIP given biggest logo ever seen on Barnsley ballot paper. Ours reproduced a fraction of their size.”

And also:

“Blatant manipulation not just of images but also of voters. Robert Mugabe would be proud!”

Griffin was busy trying to justify why the BNP logo appeared so small on the ballot paper. He insinuated it was all down to a cleverly hatched plot by the state. This fiendish plot that Griffin alluded to was pulled off in order to allow UKIP’s logo to look bigger and better and thus tempt BNP voters away when they went to cast their vote.

As we all know the truth was far simpler. Rather than some elaborate state plot right out of Griffin’s wildest fantasies, the BNP logo appeared small because it was badly designed. The truth of the matter and an in depth analysis can be found here:


Whilst peddling his nonsense about state plots, government collusion with UKIP and the Electoral Commission giving certain parties a better sized logo on ballot papers, Griffin must have been reading this blog. Despite Griffin and his henchmen continuing to spread their nonsense about ‘Mugabe tactics’, something was going on behind the scenes at BNP HQ!

Griffin and Co. had ordered that the BNP logo be changed, removing the words ‘British National Party’ in order for it to appear larger on the ballot paper! So whilst Griffin was well aware that it was his National Elections Officer and National Nominating Officer that had messed up, he still felt the need to put the whole episode down to some bizarre ‘state sponsored’ conspiracy. But as ever, it’s always the big nasty world picking on little Nicky, it’s never him and his bumbling lieutenants’ to blame!

So now when you go to the Electoral Commission website you can find the new new BNP logo, one with the heart but no name by its side. I doubt very much Griffin will have the decency to withdraw his nonsensical conspiracy theory. After all in the cult of Griffin, the more conspiracy theories the better!


Another interesting development over the last few days has been the BNP’s manifesto launches. The most notable being in Stoke for the English council elections and was an utter flop. You’d think the BNP would have had their fill of open air press conferences after the disaster outside Parliament in 2009. Just days after the BNP had earned its new found respectability by getting two MEPs elected, Griffin managed to blow it.

But clearly this national humiliation hasn’t derailed Griffin’s love of open air events – as that’s exactly what the BNP’s English council election manifesto launch was. Rather foolishly it was held on the same day that Stoke City were playing Bolton Wanderers in the FA Cup Semi Final at Wembley! This was Stoke City’s most important football match for decades.

An outdoor manifesto launch was always going to be a recipe for disaster. Just fewer than thirty people stood in Stoke city centre with backdrops held up by supporters so they didn’t blow over. It was never going to be impressive. Predictably the already lacklustre event was disrupted by far left activists. But what did Griffin expect, had he not learned from his previous mistakes?

But Nick was nowhere in sight! Rather than launching the party’s manifesto himself he left it to long time lap dog Simon Darby. Maybe Griffin had learned, not enough to cancel the event, but just enough to make sure he stayed at home well out of the reach. Indeed he has been absent from all the manifesto launches and has cancelled speaking at several meetings recently. Is he trying to avoid bailiffs? Trying to avoid being handed court papers or a summons? The TV licence man?

These events just highlight what has been said over and over again about Nick Griffin. He loves conspiracy theories and the idea the state is desperate to ‘get him’. He can never shoulder any blame and even when he is forced to change something he is not man enough to admit it. He is committed to failed stunts rather than proper statesman like approaches. But the real cherry on the cake is that Griffin is a coward – he now hides from media appearances and dodges the cameras because deep down even he knows he is a busted flush and wildly unpopular with the voting public.

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