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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Scandal - a - Day Griffin fiddles while BNP burns

Deputy leader Simon Darby's unconvincing excuse for the ten year low in the number of council candidates the British National Party is fielding in 2011 fools nobody, least of all himself. As he very well knows, it costs BNP head office not a penny to stand candidates in local elections. In fact party head office makes more money the more candidates stand, through the sale of leaflets, and extra copies of the party newspaper, the Voice of Freedom.

No, the real reason for the small number of council candidates this year is that the party's best activists have been expelled, suspended, have defected to a rival party, or are simply too demoralized and disaffected with the party leader, Griffin, to want to stand. Many have responded to the call of prominent BNP dissidents not to run for public office, or to serve as an election agent until such time as Griffin resigns as leader.

Griffin has utter contempt for the party activists, regarding elections as an unnecessary evil, which periodically put his, and other fat cats' sybaritic life style at risk. No doubt if he were ever given the chance he would abolish elections entirely. He is also too much of a Philistine to understand the vital importance of morale to any collective human endeavour. Griffin destroys the BNP's morale through his purges, his scandals, and his dishonesty, and yet notwithstanding this still hopes for good election results. Or does he really?

As Napoleon rightly said with regard to the crucial importance of that intangible, morale: "the moral is to the physical as three is to one".

April 19, 2011

Cash-strapped BNP 'turns to racist hardcore'

The BNP was last night accused of turning to "a hardcore group of neo-Nazis and racists" to stand as candidates in next month's local elections.

The anti-BNP campaign group Hope not Hate said it had compiled a dossier of extremist postings of candidates standing on 5 May, either in council elections or those to the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly. Among the postings the group collected from Facebook pages were:

•One BNP candidate in the North of England who posted on his Facebook page a mock advert for the gas Zyklon B – used in the Nazi extermination chambers of the Second World War – captioned, "Try Zyklon B. It's a gas!"

•One candidate urges his followers to "Stamp out diseases today. Spray pakis and poofs with hydrochloric acid".

•An activist in Wales, who has a photograph of his endorsement by BNP leader Nick Griffin on his Facebook page. Underneath it reads: "My grandfather was killed in Auschwitz. Apparently he got pissed and fell out of the watchtower!"

The candidate also posted, "Just popped round to see my Muslim neighbour's new baby. She asked me if I wanted to wind it but that seemed a bit extreme so I gave it a dead leg instead."

•A woman, describing herself as a "a big supporter of the BNP leader Nick Griffin", responded to a protest by Muslims Against The Crusades by saying: "They should all be burned."

•Another candidate posting about his arrest for "an out of date bus ticket", says: "They [police] have just made me hate them even more. From now on I will be celebrating the death of serving police officers when they are announced on the news. May sound a bit extreme but I hate them that much." He also posted that Labour's newly elected MP for Barnsley Central, Dan Jarvis, a former officer in the Parachute Regiment, "should have been shot from behind while facing the enemy".
Overall the BNP will be fielding just over 200 [sic, 261] candidates in next month's elections – nearly 500 fewer than the in 2007. It said it "was having to cut its cloth" because of the amount of money it had had to spend defending a legal action against the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

Hope not Hate said: "As his party crumbles, Nick Griffin has been forced to turn to what even by BNP standards, is a hard core of neo-Nazis and racists. These are not just activists, but people Griffin is putting forward as candidates for elected public office. They are literally the best the BNP now has to offer."

Hope not Hate, which is funded by the trades union movement, said the party had become hopelessly split – with many members defecting to the English Democrats and the breakaway party British Freedom Party.

The BNP has been engaged in a long-running court battle with the EHRC over its policy of restricting membership to "indigenous British people". It scrapped the rule but the Commission accused Mr Griffin of failing to comply with an order to remove potentially racist clauses from his party's constitution. In December Mr Griffin fought off an attempt to have him declared guilty of contempt of court at the High Court – which rejected the EHRC's attempt to seize the party's assets. Costs were awarded to the BNP but deputy leader Simon Darby said the battle had affected its ability to recruit members and had cost a huge amount in legal fees which had yet to be reimbursed.

Mr Darby said: "Unlike the Labour Party we cannot afford to be £19m in debt and we have had to cut our cloth accordingly." He said the unsavoury postings could be fakes to discredit the party.

'BNP postings' on Facebook

•"7/7 – keep trying ya raghead bastards. This is our country our England our rules. Time2 packup and get the fuck out of dodge."

•"Fly your flag! no excuses. We stock them. £5 to piss off your Muslim neighbours off big style. What a fucking bargain."

•"Going to the polling station was a day out for the lazy African population as they don't work."

•"Unless we stand up and are counted then it's bye bye England." [What's wrong with this last one? AE].


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