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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The 'English' Democrats: clowns, cowards, hypocrites plc

The video above, made before the 2010 general election, still appears on the web site of the English Democrats Party.

I defy any Englishman to watch this video of the clown Garry Bushell, spouting his cliche-ridden, 'cultural', civic 'nationalist', claptrap about the English, and Englishness, and still regard the English Democrats as a serious political party.

Bushell recites the names of several famous Englishmen but then ends his list with Kelly Holmes, who is neither English nor ethnically British. He recites a number of supposedly significant cultural artefacts, places and practices, which he claims are typically English, but ends the list with "Vindaloo". The Negro boxer Frank Bruno is mentioned, as someone of whom the English should be proud. This is all designed, of course, to demonstrate his political 'correctness' and multicultural credentials, despite his, and the English Democrats' ostensible opposition to the anti-English racism inherent in the ideology of political 'correctness' and of multiculturalism.

This hypocrisy, born out of fear of the "racist" accusation which they rightly anticipate will be made against any political party that stands up for the interests of any of the down-trodden indigenous peoples of these islands, effectively neutralizes the English Democrats as an agent of political change. It restricts them to emphasizing the 'safe', but secondary, issues of an English parliament, and making Saint George's Day a public holiday, rather than the crucial ones of ending immigration, and withdrawing from the European Union. The English Democrats cannot be taken seriously by any genuinely patriotic Englishman.

Like the foul-mouthed professional proletarian Garry Bushell himself, they are a comic turn, and though much of what they do dare to say is true, they hide their light under a Bushell.


  1. Do you therefore think that Chris Beverley has made a mistake?

  2. No, I don't think Chris Beverley has made a mistake. I know he has.

    Read my recent article "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" to find out why.

  3. You're a good man, Andrew. An intelligent one too, so why flog a dead horse? The BNP is dead.

    British Freedom is a blank - baggage free- canvas.

  4. Flattery will get you nowhere.

    It is Griffin, rather than the BNP, that is the dead quadruped. The members need to face that fact, and drop the dead donkey.

    As for the British Freedom Party: Griffin may be finished, but from the behaviour of its officers, it would appear that Griffinism lives on.

  5. What do you think of the fact that Chris continues to work for Andrew Brons, MEP. Haven't you said previously that members of rival parties shouldn't work for our MEPs?

  6. If I haven't actually said it (and I may have, I would have to check) I believe it.

    The case is not quite as bad as that of Pat Harrington being employed by Mr Griffin, since, (at least as far as I am aware) Chris Beverley is not one of the top four leaders of the English Democrats, but it is nevertheless still pretty bad.

    I like to be straight you see. I don't go in for all of the chicane that Griffin and his erstwhile lieutenants seem to revel in. No doubt they derive some kind of perverse satisfaction from a feeling that they have outmanoeuvred their colleagues.

    They always come unstuck in the end, however, because they lose their colleagues' trust.