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Saturday, 9 April 2011

'Mr Mogadon' holds the fort

British National Party deputy leader, Simon Darby, performs better than I have ever seen him perform before with the 'mainstream media', and does his best to finesse a poor hand. But where is the card-sharper who dealt him this terrible "Dead man's hand", "Riverboat" Nick Griffin? Still sunning himself in Muslim North Cyprus, checking out a future bolt-hole? Never mind that Fort BNP is surrounded by Red Indians, led by Chief Crazy Horse (I wonder how he got that name?) and provided with the latest rifles by a scheming, profiteering, renegade white man.

Mr Darby's allegation that Eddy Butler has aligned himself with a rival political party, the English Democrats, is one which Mr Butler, while busily pluming and preening himself on his blog (the BBC read my blog - "gasp") seems to be in no hurry to deny. Could there be something in the allegation? Has the "Back Room Boy" Butler been going "a-whoring after strange gods?"

Eddy Butler's suggestion that anyone who finds his promotion of a rival, and cultural 'nationalist', political party, the 'English' Democrats, unacceptable, is in some unspecified way "...jealous..." of him is laughable, and reminiscent of Griffin's tactics of smear and innuendo. It would be surprising indeed if Mr Butler, having spent so many years at Griffin's side had failed to "learn from the master". But really, it is as if Judas were to have claimed that Jesus' other disciples were jealous of his business acumen.

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