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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

You don't have to be squalid to work here - but it helps

The following article was first published on the Solidarity Truth blog.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The National Liberal Party led by Pat Harrington

Whilst hundreds of BNP candidates face losing their jobs, their marriages, and face ostracism because they were brave enough to put their head above the parapet as BNP members, Nick Griffin instead prefers to employ the leader of a rival political party that stands candidates against the BNP.

Pat Harrington is one of the leaders of a political party called the "National Liberal Party" (also known as the Third Way). Their ideology is not British Nationalism, it is "National Liberalism", a kind of wishy-washy multicultural patriotism, if such a thing can exist.

Formed on 17 March 1990, the National Liberal Party is a home of sorts for all manner of oddballs, weirdoes and crackpots. According to Wikipedia: "According to accounts filed with the Electoral Commission, in 2006 Third Way had 20 members and cashflow of approximately £1,400."

The National Liberal Party is another of Pat Harrington's micro-organisations, along with the Third Way "Think Tank" and Solidarity trade union. Pat's entire history is replete with endless examples of miniature groups of which he is the world-bestriding international president/general secretary/chairman.

The National Liberal Party stood its first Asian candidate in local elections in 2006. In total, fourteen Third Way candidates contested six wards in Havering in the 2006 local elections. They polled an average of 9.1% of the vote with the best result obtained in Elm Park where they polled 27% which resulted in the first Asian Third Way councillor, Nakkeeran Arasaratnam, in Hacton Ward.

When Harrington's National Liberals are not getting foreigners elected as politicians in the UK, they stand with regularity against the genuinely nationalist British National Party.

Luckily for us, the BNP usually beats the National Liberals hands down. In a by-election held on 14 June 2007, in the St Andrew's ward of Havering, National Liberal Party candidate David Durant polled 184 votes, 396 votes behind the BNP.

In another by-election in the same ward on 5 June 2009, Durant polled 291 votes, 480 votes behind the BNP, gaining 6.6% of the vote.

Likewise, in the London borough of Havering (Gooshays) by-election on March 20th 2008, the BNP once again defeated the National Liberal interlopers: BNP 865 votes to National Liberal Party 62 (2.7%).

Despite standing against the BNP and being a rival political party, Chairman Nick Griffin actually forced the BNP branch in Havering NOT to stand against the National Liberal Party in a particular ward in Havering in the 2010 local elections.

Wikipedia even claims that: "[The] Third Way's activity in Havering is claimed to have resulted in a relatively small BNP presence in the borough when compared to neighbouring areas such as the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, Epping Forest and Thurrock." Thanks, Mr Harrington, for that.

The National Liberal Party/Third Way, sprang out of the Political Soldiers' faction of the 1980s National Front, often referred to as the "Loony Front".

National Liberal Party policies are, as expected whenever Pat Harrington is involved, a mixture of lunatic left wing nonsense. For example, the National Liberals want the de-criminalisation of activities related to prostitution and cannabis.

Despite all the crankery mentioned above, despite the National Liberal Party standing against the BNP, BNP Chairman Nick Griffin still forced BNP admin workers during the 2010 elections to help stuff and distribute tens of thousands of Solidarity newspapers.

We are at a total loss why BNP Chairman Nick Griffin has such a soft spot for Harrington and his National Liberal/Solidarity cronies. Collectively, the Solidarity mob are employed by the BNP, and/or its MEPs, at a cost of over £100,000 per year, and all the BNP can claim to receive in return is a boost to a rival political party that has no compunction about standing against the BNP in local elections.

Pat Harrington, a leader of this rival political party, a party that stands candidates against the BNP, a party that fields black and Asian candidates, is comfortably residing on a BNP MEP payroll, along with his wife, who, between them, rake in around £57,000 per annum, whilst former BNP candidates can go jump. Absolutely disgraceful.

BNP candidates and activists, it's time to sort this nonsense out once and for all. Show Harrington the door, but more importantly: show Griffin the door.



  1. To the author. Have you forgotten that the BNP can also stand black and Asian candidates now? If a member like Rajinder Singh wanted to stand no-one could legitimately object on grounds of race.

  2. I am not the author of the article but I shall reply to your comment as if I were, for the sake of argument.

    No, I have not forgotten that, since last year, 2010, the British National Party is obliged to consider applications for membership from ethnic aliens/civic Britons, and that consequently black or Asian BNP candidates are now more likely than they were in 2006.

    It is not something that the party should be celebrating, however. On the contrary, it is something that should be reversed as soon as possible.

    Laws can be changed. That is what politics is all about.