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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Media promotion of miscegenation is sinister

Acknowledgements to the Sarah Maid of Albion blogspot where this interesting article was recently published.

Interracial Marriage

By Alan O'Reilly

All right-thinking Britons who love their country should oppose interracial marriage. The implications of race-mixing are much more sinister than is commonly understood - individual objections notwithstanding. Integrationists by definition are far too blinkered to see the big picture.

It is common knowledge that the mainstream media and many leading politicians exert considerable pressure in favour of race-mixing and scream 'racist!' whenever any sane individual protests against this kind of coercion.

Such pressure is mainly directed towards blacks and whites. In spite of the abominable practice of Muslim 'grooming' of mainly vulnerable white adolescent girls, Asians will almost exclusively favour their own kind for longer-term relationships regardless of any outside pressure. Muslim women risk so-called 'honour' beatings and even killings if they don't [like Banaz Mahmod, http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/6733919.stm ]. Heinous as this cruelty is, it simply reinforces the point.

Large-scale white and black liaisons are of course unlikely to occur in spite of media and political pressure. They could, however, be enforced by the EU, via Europol and the Euro-army, when Britain is fully absorbed into the EU Superstate or ['golden garrotte'] concentration camp following the treason of Gordon Brown in May 2009, compounded, sadly, by royal assent. The aim, as always, is to destroy white Anglo-Saxon Celtic Britain, both as a nation and as a people.

(The USA attempted much the same with Germany after WW2, by sending large numbers of black troops to make up the occupation forces.)

Enforced race-mixing is one of the most effective ways of so doing. The black race in Britain would be destroyed in the process but that would be of no consequence to our European masters, i.e. gauleiters.

Paul Broca published a study in 1864 on hybridity in the human race. He found that, in South Carolina, where white Anglo-Saxon males had cohabited with negresses, the mulatto offspring were "little prolific and short-lived." See

He also reported that "the union of the Caucasian women with negroes is very frequently non-productive."

J.H. Van Evrie, M.D. reached the same conclusions after studying "several thousand cases of mixed blood" and published the results of his research in 1868. A CD entitled Vatican Assassins 3rd Edition, by American Baptist writer Eric Jon Phelps, summarises Van Evrie's work and is obtainable via Eric’s site http://www.vaticanassassins.org/store/ .

Van Evrie concludes that the mulatto progeny of white males and negresses, who then inter-breed with other hybrids, are by the 4th generation "as absolutely sterile as muleism...it may be assumed as the natural and impassable barrier of this abnormal and exceptional being."

He adds that "it is in the female hybrid that this tendency to decay...is most apparent. Many of them are incapable of nourishing or taking care of their offspring, and together with miscarriages and the numerous forms of disease connected with maternity, they are often found to have had a large number of children, not one of whom reached maturity."

An additional burden for our already overstretched NHS, I suggest, should the EU force this strategy on Britain.

Broca found that mulatto offspring of Southern European whites and negroes were more successful in reproduction but where this happened on an appreciable scale, as in Portugal, the result was disastrous after little more than 100 years.

In Racial Realities in Europe, Lothrop Stoddard describes how Portugal was a major sea power in the 16th century.

He then describes how she experienced a drift of her population away from rural areas to the cities, lured by wealth, a constant drain on her manpower by foreign wars and "racial impoverishment...with negro blood," as great landowners imported large gangs of Africans to work the half-deserted countryside and who inevitably intermingled with what remained of the indigenous population.

In little over a century, Portugal degenerated into a minor nation as a direct result of these combined trends.

Britain is degenerating in the same way. 5,500,000 or at least 10% of white Britons now live abroad. Britain continues to haemorrhage her white indigenous population at the rate of over 100,000 a year, to be replaced in over abundance by 300,000 foreign incomers annually. See

Her available employment, including rural work, is progressively being taken over by foreigners, especially Poles.

Though obviously not of African descent, Poles and other Eastern Europeans are nevertheless not equivalent to the native peoples of the British Isles. They are largely, i.e. 90%+, Alpine Caucasians, not Anglo-Saxon Celtic, or Nordic Caucasians (the Nordic distinction applies to all so-called 'immigrants' to these isles up until and including the Norman i.e. 'North-man,' conquest) and clearly cannot be assimilated without a deleterious effect on Britain's indigenous racial character.

And incomers of African or Afro-Caribbean descent to Britain now number well over 1,000,000 and they are continuing to arrive in large numbers, e.g. Congolese to Norfolk, Somalis to the south-east etc.

This is sufficient for the EU to further its strategy of Britain's ultimate destruction as a nation and a people as outlined above.

Given that white Britons could be a minority in their own country by the year 2066 if present trends continue, the EU could achieve its aim by about the year 2100, or not much later.

Remember Portugal - and that, like Portugal in its final decline, Britain is no longer a major sea power, so the EU destruction of Britain is off to a running start.

Alan O'Reilly
N Yorks

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