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Monday, 4 April 2011

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

Former British National Party councillor Chris Beverley has announced on his blog, the Morley Patriot, that he is standing as a candidate for the English Democrats Party in the forthcoming local elections.

He says that he has consulted "...various individuals..." about the step over the last few weeks. I only wish he had consulted me. I would have told him that to join the English Democrats would be a big mistake.

I don't often agree with Chris' employer, Andrew Brons MEP, (who may have been consulted about Chris' decision) but I am forced to agree with him that this step will tarnish Chris' reputation in the eyes of many British nationalists.

While I certainly sympathize with Chris' frustration at having been disgracefully prevented from standing as a candidate for the BNP by the anti-nationalist traitor, Griffin, for Chris to turn his back on the BNP and join another party is to play into Griffin's hands by doing exactly what he wants any BNP member to do, who is not prepared to bow down and worship his ineptitude.

What BNP members need to understand is that, unlike them, Griffin does not love the BNP. For him it has only ever represented a source of easy money, and a means of avoiding having to work for a living like the rest of us "grunts" and "plebs", as he and his hangers-on contemptuously refer to us.

Griffin is prepared to cling like a monkey onto the back of the BNP as it shrinks in size with each passing month, knowing that if those who have seen through him walk away in disgust, as most have in the past, he will still remain the leader of a rump, however small and ineffectual, and in sole control of its revenue stream, which is what politics is all about for him.

The way successfully to deal with a Griffin is not to walk away. It is to tell him straight that his suspensions, expulsions, and proscriptions, are unlawful and unconstitutional, as they are, and that they are consequently null and void. While Griffin may be able to prevent good nationalists such as Chris Beverley from representing the BNP as candidates, he cannot prevent us from continuing, rightly, to regard ourselves as BNP members, from behaving as such, or taking court action over the matter, if, as and when, we deem it to be appropriate to do so.

Nor can Griffin do anything to any BNP member who heeds the call made by Eddy Butler and myself not to run for public office, or to serve as an election agent, until such time as Griffin resigns as national chairman of the party. If the man had any sense of honour or decency he would have resigned long ago. But willy-nilly go he must and shall. Under his own steam or otherwise, his departure is inevitable. The longer it is delayed, the more shameful it will be for him. Let him think on that, and think well.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Chris Beverley stands for English Democrats

Dear friends, comrades, and Morley voters!

I am very pleased to annouce that I will be standing as an English Democrat candidate for the Morley South in the local elections on May 5th.

As those who know me will understand, this was a huge decision for me to take, and it is not one that I have taken lightly.

I have thought long and hard about the best way that I can serve our people and I have consulted various individuals about this over the past weeks, and I am very grateful for the support that I have been given.

I will post a full article on this blog tomorrow that will outline the reasons for my decision.

I am very excited about the coming campaign and I am proud to have been selected as a candidate for the English Democrats.

Posted by Chris Beverley at 04:11

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