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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The English Defeatists Party

The following article was published on the British Resistance web site earlier today. It makes some excellent points, both about the English Democrats and their Cheerleader-in-Chief, Eddy Butler.

The Roll over and Die Party - The English Democrats

Written by Green Arrow

Wednesday, 20 April 2011 08:47

I just had to go and re-read this article over on Eddy Butler's blog site, which as is usual, includes yet another image of Eddy. After reading it, I read it again and then again and to be sure I understood what he was saying, I read it yet again. Then I came to the conclusion - Eddy had just written his own political suicide note.

Now I have to be careful now how I word this article as both Eddy's site and this site both display the Nationalist Reconciliation 2011 banner and I do believe in Nationalist Reconciliation but I am no longer sure that Eddy is even a Nationalist anymore. He is clearly no longer a British Nationalist as his recruitment drive for the so called English Democrats party shows. Their politics are those of division and they are openly offensive to Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Now check out the above promotional video that is currently being displayed over on The English Democrats site. Of course the issue of Students fees is wrong but what the "elite" have done with fees and similar issues is to use them as weapons to divide the British Components and turn brothers against brother and the English Democrats have fallen into their trap. So to has Eddy Butler it seems - or has he? It could well be that for other reasons he is acting the part of a Judas Goat and leading British Nationalists away from the fight for Our Country and with some success it must be said.

Now the English Democrats and Eddy Butler's view, is that the colonisers are here now in such great numbers that there is now no longer anything we can do about it and are not only prepared to publish a video in which an "Asian" says "Just because, I'm English" which anyone with a brain and a shred of patriotism should find offensive. If I were to live in Pakistan and make a video saying "I am a Pakistani", I would be laughed at or worse.

No, for me the English Democrats should be known as the Roll over and Die Party as clearly they have submitted and are now no better than Dhimmi fools prepared to betray their own people in order to gain some form of political recognition.

First Eddy Butler betrayed his party, then with his support for the English Democrats, he betrayed both his country and his race. Those are not the actions of a Nationalist, they are the actions of a traitor.

Eddy, you have served your purpose. Please just go now, you have played your part in recruiting for the English Democrats, go get your reward.



 Nationalists need to find new ways of conveying our message and in today's Britain, if that includes using some token black faces in order to undermine the 'racist tag' then so be it. The BNP has slogged away with the same old tactics for 30 years and is now a household name. Trouble is the name is mud. Desperate times called for desperate measures. The BNP has many policies that are popular with the public, but the way we have presented them has meant we are an unelectable irrelevance to most people. Time to start thinking outside the narrow little box we have pigeon holed ourselves into. The BNP attracts the angry and alienated vote but that is not everybody. Don't keep flogging a dead horse. Its time to box clever.


"..... if that includes using some token black faces in order to undermine the 'racist tag' then so be it."

The multicultural multiracial EDL has got some few non-White members and yet they get called a racist.

Perhaps its because most of the members/supporters are in fact White. I would like to know where are all the Blacks and Asians are in the EDL when they protesting all I see is White faces in photos and yet they still carrying on with this multicultural multiracial nonsense.

Blacks/Asians don't care about the White race or their culture/heritage.

Elite Commander

 Agreed with Manxman that "token black faces" would help by undermining the "racist tag", however I believe this is both dishonest and impractical as a way forward; nationalists would need to thoroughly shed the "racist tag" before any black faces would even occur, as the EDL have slowly learned. They may walk around with banners saying "black and white unite" but, as England points out, most of the faces you see at protests are white.

I have heard of a theory which states that if you badmouth other people or criticize them endlessly, it is in fact YOU who end up with the bad reputation, as listeners associate you with the negativity of the insults. I believe that because of the BNP's endless smear campaign against the other parties, however justified they may be, have created an extremely negative public image of the party as a group of hostile, even revolutionary, racists instead of just racists.

The answer is not to desperately launch recruitment drives for minorities to join the party, which would also have the effect of alienating some core voters, but trying to improve the image further by ceasing hostile criticisms of other politicians and debating sensibly and politely. The new images should reflect the new logo of the party: love, not hatred of anyone or anything. We must be whiter than white - it's the only way we'll shed the "racist tag" and "violent tag" which have so crippled the movement so far.


 Butler has now become the perfect definition of the phrase "sell out"


 hes as English as i am pakistani


 I have to ask the question why didn't they use an English person in preference to a Pakistani?

Perhaps they had trouble finding one.


I want to see reform in the BNP - but I don't want to see Butler in the BNP. Butler, by his activities in recent months, has demonstrated he is no friend of British nationalism - yet less than a year ago he was putting himself forward as the "saviour" of the BNP. What makes this man tick? Perhaps the real question should be - who is pulling his strings do "they" have something on him? Another individual worthy of in-depth investigation is Chris Beverley - the question of why he finds the EDP acceptable (considering his past and associations) is as intriguing as why the EDP find him acceptable. Do Butler and Beverley have something in common - if so what exactly?

John OK

They both ponce off the British National Party by not resigning their positions as paid employees of Andrew Brons as an MEP.


I understand Eddie's argument and the idea of trying to appeal to a broader public to get more votes. I guess it's a "the means justifies the end" argument, in a way. I also have no problem with him making it, after all it was on his own blog and he his entitled to print whatever he likes.

However, from my own point of view, once you start to make compromises, change to "fit in" with trends, then the cause is lost. I can never accept "civic nationalism".

We have seen often enough of how political correctness crept up on on us and how the church of England (for example) has constantly given ground to appease the "trend", to see where that all leads.

Once you start, you just keep having to give way a little more to try and attract the present mind set, which is set by the Marxists in the media and in power.

If we do that, then we might as well give up now. After all, if we keep giving way we end up like the parties already in power. Wishy-washy policies trying to get the most votes just to get/stay in power.

I'm sticking with the BNP (party, not necessarily, the leadership) until the end.

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