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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Richard Edmonds: the party must be saved!

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Richard Edmonds To Challenge Nick Griffin For Party Leadership

By the Press Officer

Last night’s (Thursday's) meeting in South East London was very well attended and the atmosphere was jubilant in the knowledge that Richard Edmonds had decided to challenge Nick Griffin for the leadership of the party.

The meeting was chaired by Johnny Leech, the former Greenwich Organiser. Johnny delivered a very passionate and enlightening speech, in which he related the present difficulties endemic within the British National Party.

L to R: Johnny Leech, Chris Roberts (standing), Richard Edmonds

Chris Roberts, the former London Regional Organiser, also addressed the meeting and articulated some of the particulars behind the difficulties the British National Party now finds itself in and why it is essential a leadership contest takes place this year. Chris Roberts pledged his full support to Richard Edmonds and wished him well.

Richard marshals his facts

Richard Edmonds, founder member, former vice chairman and former member of the Advisory Council of the British National Party, took the floor to great applause.

Richard gave one of his great speeches telling the meeting why he had decided, at his age (not for publication!) to stand for the leadership of the party. I will not go into the detail of what Richard said as his speech was recorded and will be released shortly. Richard finalised by asking Chris Roberts to be his campaign manager and Chris agreed.

Richard pulls no punches but tells it like it is

After the interval, Eddy Butler, former National Organiser, spoke and related his understanding of the financial and administrative difficulties the party was facing at the present time. Eddy admitted he had got some things wrong last year when, during his challenge for the leadership, he told everyone the party’s debts were in the region of £150,000, because just after the nomination count Nick Griffin announced the debt was in fact £600,000.

The meeting was thrown open to questions to which all the speakers responded in great detail.

Note: for Richard to be successful it is essential that everyone pull together to support him and those with at least 2 years' membership as at 1 July 2011 sign his nomination paper.

A copy of the nomination form may be downloaded from the BNP Reform 2011 web site.

Completed nomination sheets should be returned to, Leadership Contest, PO Box 279, Sutton, SM1 9AR, as early as possible.

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